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Niseko Powder History

Niseko Powder History【第13回】「ひらふ」のいわれ









Origin of “Hirafu”


“Niseko Grand Hirafu” is the center resort of the Niseko area. Where did the name “Hirafu” come from? As we saw in the previous chapter, the area where Hirafu is located is called Yamada, name taken from the great pioneer of the area. Various stories behind the root of the name “Hirafu” but the one with most certainty is that it was taken from an episode written in “Nihon Shoki” which is the oldest written chronicle in Japan.

On volume 26 of the Chronicle, it reads that a group lead by a man named “Abe-no-Hirafu” made their way to Hokkaido a number of times in the 7th century. During his expedition, his team fought pirates, made their way to Hokkaido and made trade with the locals (Ainu people). It is also said that Abe-no-Hirafu assigned a general to manage the “Mt. Shiribeshi” area, but there has been no actual evidence of this.

This story from Japan’s oldest chronicle seems to be where “Hirafu” was named after. Mt.Shiribeshi, which is the former name of Mt.Yotei also takes it’s name from the Chronicle. In the Chronicle, it reads that “Shiri-Bet” is an Ainu word meaning “Mountain River” and it is believed that this is referring to Mt.Yotei.



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