The dynamic Downhill, 3,000 meters in length with around 475m variation in altitude.
The Flow Trail, which follows a gently winding course.
Choose your favorite style, and enjoy the Niseko breeze.

DOWNHILLDownhill Course

We opened the Mountain Bike Downhill Course together with the opening of the Summer Gondola. The authentic Downhill Course utilizes the ski resort’s slopes to create a 3,000 meter long track with around 475m variation in altitude, suitable for intermediate and advanced riders.

This mountain bike track is an exclusive downhill course created on the slopes of the ski resort.

Rocks are numerous, and the slopes are steep, so this is a track designated for riders who are intermediate or above in both experience and skills. (Not recommended for beginners.)

If you are not confident in your level of skills or experience, we strongly recommend riding together with an instructor or an experienced/skilled rider.

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Downhill Course

Open Season:
July 14 ~ September 24, 2018
Open Hours
9:30~15:30 (Last boarding for Summer Gondola:15:00)
Fees (incl. taxes)
1 Ride: Adults: 1,000 yen / Children up to age 12: 500 yen
2-hour Pass: Adults: 2,500 yen / Children up to age 12: 1,250 yen
4-hour Pass: Adults: 4,000 yen / Children up to age 12: 2,000 yen
1-day Pass: Adults: 6,000 yen / Children up to age 12: 3,000 yen
Mountain Bike Season Pass: Adults: 20,000 yen / Children up to age 12: 10,000 yen
*Includes Summer Gondola transport fee
*Can be used on both Downhill Course and Flow Trail Course

FLOW TRAILFlow Trail Course

While the Downhill Course is aimed at skilled riders, the Flow Trail is a course that can be enjoyed by a wide range of users, from kids to adults, and beginners to experts.

Its distinctive feature is the winding shape made using the ski resort’s slopes, allowing you to glide naturally across the banks and waves like flowing water – hence the name. The banks and turns in particular make it feel close to skiing, so this is a track that skiers and snowboarders will enjoy with delighted surprise.

The 1,400 meter long Flow Trail is a course that lets you feel the exhilaration of mountain biking in Niseko’s vast natural environment.

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Flow Trail Course

Open Season:
July 14 ~ October 8, 2018
Open Hours:
9:30~15:30 (Last boarding for Summer Gondola:15:00)
Fees (incl. taxes)
1 Ride: Adults: 500 yen / Children up to age 12: 250 yen
6 Rides: Adults: 2,500 yen / Children up to age 12: 1,250 yen
1-day Pass (without Gondola transport): Adults: 2,000 yen / Children up to age 12: 1,000 yen
Mountain Bike Season Pass: Adults: 20,000 yen / Children up to age 12: 10,000 yen
*Mountain Bike Season Pass can be used on both Downhill Course and Flow Trail Course
*1-Ride ticket, 6-Ride ticket and Season Pass include Summer Gondola transport fee to the Flow Trail start point

MTB RentalMountain Bike Rental

MTB rental

Electrically-assisted Mountain Bike

Turbo Levo

A mountain bike that makes it fun to climb! Made by the Specialized brand, this model is equipped with a uniquely developed motor and battery.
90 mins rental: 3,500 yen
*Includes mini-lesson *Includes Flow Trail user fee
*Cannot be used outside of designated courses on-site

Kids’ Mountain Bike Rental
120 mins rental: 2,000 yen
*Excludes Flow Trail user fee

Bikes and Equipment

  • Bike

    We recommend either a downhill bike or a freeride bike with front and rear suspension and enough stroke length to handle a hard downhill course.

  • Helmet

    Helmets must be worn while riding
    (full- face helmets are strongly recommended)

  • Protectors

    Use of knee, elbow, back, chest and stomach protectors is strongly recommended.



Instructors from our affiliated school,“nine”,
are here to support your mountain biking safely and securely.

nine nine

At Niseko Mountain Bike School & Guiding, our mission is to help your feelings about riding on the mountainside change from “fear” to “fun”. This isn’t only an opportunity to “learn skills”, but to let us help you with a wide range of mountain bike-related aspects so that you can enjoy mountain biking in the long-term. In addition, we will help you to fulfill your goals such as hoping to enjoy Summer Niseko, or making special memories with your family or friends.

nine web site

Course Safety Management

Our mountain bike courses have been safety checked by Japan Mountain Bike Association (JMBA) instructors with specialist knowledge at the time of course completion, and Niseko staff perform course checks and maintenance every day before open hours commence in order to keep the trails in problem-free conditions.

Niseko Mt. Resort, Grand Hirafu
Mountain Bike Rules

We have established rules for the mountain bike course of Niseko Mt. Resort Grand Hirafu for the safety and enjoyment of our users. During use of the mountain bike course, please act with awareness for safety and keep the following rules.

  1. When using the transportation car to the gondola or to the Flow Trail, please remove all mud or dirt from your clothes or shoes before entering the car.
  2. On the Course, wearing a Mountain Bike Helmet is mandatory.
    * For the Downhill Course, we strongly recommend wearing other protective equipment such as knee and arm protectors.
  3. Wearing shoes not appropriate for the practice of Mountain Bike such as sandals is prohibited.
  4. Please ride in a controlled manner, ready to avoid any people or sudden obstacles safely.
  5. On the course, the priority belongs to the person in front of you. If you want to pass over, communicate your wish to that person.
  6. Don't stop suddenly on the course, especially if you are not visible from behind such as right after a turn.
  7. Please ride on the course with a Mountain Bike that has proper brakes and has all functions running properly.
  8. Riding outside of the authorized course is prohibited. Using short cuts or riding outside of the course causes damage to the natural environment and is prohibited.
  9. Using the course is subject to payment and using the course outside of the open hours is prohibited.
  10. For all users of the course, the consumption of alcohol or any medicine that affects abilities is prohibited. Please refrain from using the course if you are sick or not in a good physical condition.
  11. If you witness an accident or an injured person on the course, please help to move the person and their mountain bike off the course, and immediately contact the office for rescue using the phone number below. According to the degree of injury, we may request your help during rescue.
    * If the injured person is in a very bad state, please do try to move the person, but keep their location secure so that riders coming from behind can see.

Niseko Grand HIRAFU Mountain Bike Desk
TEL: 0136-22-0921

Reservations & Inquiries