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§15. Lift which was cultural shock

“deficit for opening of business around three years”, about business
results in the first year of NISEKO KOGEN KANKO company which installed
real ski lift in NISEKO for the first time, Okawa Shusaku says. “Anyway
there are only some people buying daily ticket”. Because at first
person of then Hokkaido climbed ski by oneself, we learned. There were
few ideas that we paid money and climbed in lift

 In Yamamoto Yukio which was local eighth grader (is HIRAFU now
snowy mountains mountain cottage owner, association of Telemark skiing
honor director in Japan) “the first lift was 60 yen, and, about lift
once ride, the second lift was 40 yen”. Because they were more
expensive than one cup of ramen (approximately 40 yen), all junior high
student and the high school students climbed by oneself. We say only
the last if we glide with another three times of skis when it was
feeling to say to step on lift.


 ”There is lift, and Machihata Morisada which successively held
Director sightseeing section manager and inhabitants of Kucchancho
later (now care old man protective institution “ROKKAEN” office
manager) says when at first we were surprised more that then townsman
is pleased”. Lift was very unusually epoch-making advanced facilities.
It is the next month of the lift opening of business that there was
Rope Tow in ASAHIGAOKA skiing area where local children got close to
ski every day. In other words to climb mountain by power of machine was
novel event.
 It was skier from the town outside to play a key role of the lift
use, but traffic access was inconvenient with undevelopment as having
mentioned this before. The main force of traffic at that time was
railroad. Motorization of Hokkaido advanced later, and car visitors
increased rapidly. However, it is October, 1962 that INAHO Tunneler of
National highway No. 5 was inaugurated. What was paved from Jozankei of
Sapporo of National highway No. 230 to Nakayama Pass had to wait until