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Comments on the 50th anniversary

I thanks to people who have cooperated in the publications of “A History of Powder Skiing in Niseko”.


Climbing a mountain with minimal tools, gliding with only the force of gravity are sports that make people be creative. I have interviewed dozens of people for “A History of Powder Skiing in Niseko”. In those days, I was realizing such a definition of skiing and snowboarding again.

I have covered the local history dating back to the sulfur mine and Colonel Lerch. And I have been thinking that skiing makes Hirafu remarkable place.

Having a theme of skiing, this history of Hirafu is not just relics of the past but link the past to the future organically. I think the story is almost like a living thing to breath and grow.
Writing this book will be worth a lot to me forever.

I give a special thanks to everyone on the publication committee gave me this opportunity and to all people for their cooperation.

December 17, 2011
Nonfiction Writer