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§44 People makes Hirafu colorful (7)

From Hirafu to the Olympics!

Leader TERADA Masanori

OKOSHI Ryunosuke was born in Hirafu, is a leading alpine skier (slalom and giant slalom) aiming to take part in the next Winter Olympics in Sochi (2014). His family home is Pension Locomotion (1 Niseko Hirafu Izumikyo, 179 Yamada, Kutchan). TERADA Masanori who head “Niseko Hanazono ski racing team” has pulled out of his talent.

In the past, local junior high school, and high school had played a role in fostering competition skiers. However, in recent years, even in Kutchan, schools can’t train racing skier as well as other regions. So, he established the team in order to foster junior skiers with high goals in 1992.

第44回 ニセコ花園スキーレーシングチーム 寺田 政憲さん

I come from Aomori Prefecture, loved skiing since I was a child. I entered Nihon University, and I was a member of the Ski Club of the university. I experienced some jobs after my graduation from the university. And, I came to Hirafu in the 1980s, opened “Pension New White Bear” along the prefectural road No. 343.

An outset to establish “Niseko Hanazono ski racing team”, targeting from elementary school pupils to high school students, was my hope that my daughter grow together with local children. I wanted to appeal to children that you should have a goal as high as you compete in the Olympic Games, so you can be better and faster.

There had been a motion to train world-class skiers mainly by schools in Hirafu. However, in the early 1990s, the movement about to disappear. I, as people living in the region blessed with great mountain and snow, thought that I wanted to revive the movement. My wife, who was a member of the ski club of Nihon University, also thought the same.

As soon as I establish the team, about 40 children got together. My motto of coaching is “Act first, think later”. Children good at skiing may be arrogant. But true good skiers must have the gratitude to anyone and be humble. And parents’ meddling interferes with the progress of children’s skiing. While we are predicting the progress of a few years ahead of each child, we intend that the children acquire the basic skills. Short-term result, such as a winning of the next tournament, is not important.

第44回 ニセコ花園スキーレーシングチーム 寺田雪華 選手


Kutchan Ski Federation held the JOC Junior Olympic Cup in Hirafu three years in a row since 2001. Kutchan team was overall winner for two consecutive years.

In 2003 of the third year, the winner of men’s giant slalom was OKOSHI Ryunosuke and the winner of women’s giant slalom was TERADA Yuka. TERADA Masanori is her father. She entered the second place in slalom was awarded the Best Junior Olympic Cup for two consecutive years. She proceeded to Kutchan high school. She was awarded second place in the women’s slalom of alpine skiing national high school tournament in 2005.

Less strong winds, snow quality and diversity of slopes are major advantages of Hanazono ski area. This is the best environment to nurture the young talents. Because we are blessed with the cooperation of the ski resorts, and a lot of talented skiers come here. Because there are a lot of visitors from abroad, not only from Japan, the children are seen from many angles. Tension and motivation come from that make the children steadily stronger.

Niseko Hanazono Ski Racing Team

Pension New White Bear
170-43, Yamada, Kutchan
Tel.: 0136-23-2683