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 This business plan that Hokkaido fiberboard company to prepare
fiberboard appointed CHISHIMAZASA which grew wild as raw materials was
forced to cancellation by NISEKO mountain range by rise of import goods
which conflicted.

 On the other hand, another plan to change area greatly was pushed
forward at the same time in HIRAFU. It is holding of all-Japan ski

 It was arranged informally that the 40th all-Japan ski championship
Alpen competition was held in HIRAFU in March, 1962. In the all-Japan
ski league technology governing board which performed field work in
May, 1961, course of ski was perfect, but did holding with reservation
for the reason of there not being lift for skis. HIRAFU was famous in
Japan as skiing area from the Taisho era, but it was natural in those
days that there was not lift because it climbed mountain by oneself,
and it skied. Without lift, we were not able to hold long-awaited great

 Federation of Hokkaido ski and Kucchancho requested that they
converted cableway for CHISHIMAZASA export that the company planned to
President Takenaka Osamu of Nitto merchant ship Co., Ltd. which was
parent company of Hokkaido fiberboard company into lift for skis
immediately. The Takenaka president is wise decision by construction of
lift for this demand on acceptance, June 8 for skis. On June 24, we
started NISEKO KOGEN KANKO Co., Ltd. which was operator of lift. To
local person in charge, Ookawa Jinkichi of OOKAWA Institute which we
investigated for fiberboard factory construction started for its new
post. This is the origin of today’s GRAND HIRAFU. As for the lift,
design was changed to carry person, and setting construction was
started immediately. (December 17, 1961), two lifts were completed six
months later.

ニセコ高原観光大川仁吉氏.jpg By the way, we were why, and Takenaka Osamu, president of Nitto
merchant ship Co., Ltd. decided advance to skiing area management that
was different type of industry of field at all with both marine
transportation and fiberboard production, and it would be possible that
we could complete lift for skis in period when there was a few. Story
hidden HIRAFU in lies there.