Group Lessons

Group Lessons(Japanese Lessons)

Group Lessons

Ski Half-day (2 hours) 1Full-day (4 hours)
Standard course
(13 years old or above)
¥5,000 ¥8,000
Junior course
(6-12 years old)
¥5,000 ¥8,000
Kids course
(4-5 years old)
¥6,000 ¥9,000
Snowboard Half-day (2 hours) Full-day (4 hours)
Standard course
(7years old or above)
¥5,000 ¥8,000
Level of the class
For optimal lessons, it will be the following by level of grouping.
L1 Without any experience,or unable to stop using own strength. Aim - to become able to turn using a snow plow.
L2 Able to snowplow & using a snow plow. Aim - to become able to turn freely.
L3 Ability to link strong snowplow turns or wide stance parallel. Aim - to become confidant turning with skis parrallel.
L4 Able to ski parralel confidantly. Aim - to become able to ski steep slopes with skis parralel.
L5 Able to ski steep slopes at speed with controlled turns. Aim-to become able to ski any slope in a atable controlled manner.
L1 1st time snowboarders,or those have tried before but can not yet side slide.
Objective: to be able to do a side, and perform the leaf technique.
L2 Can side slide / leaf technique
Objective:on an mellow slope become able to do peform turns.
Those who have had practice performing turns on a mellow slope.
Objective: to become
L5 Those who are proficient at controling speed whilst turning on a steep slope.
Objective: to become proficient at adapting to different conditions and slopes at speed.

Kids and Junior lesson with lunch

For an extra 2,000 yen children (under the age of elementary school) can receive lunch during their full-day lesson. Children will also be supervised during lunch time.

Registration area
Group lesson availability San. Dec. 2, 2018 to Sun. Apr. 7, 2019
Registration area .Base Ski Center
Lesson times
  • Morning: 10:00 to 12:00 (registration 8:30 to 9:30)
  • Afternoon: 13:30 to 15:30 (registration 8:30 to 13:00)
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