Summer Recommendations

Summer Recommendations

Now Open! Mountain Bike Downhill Course

Mountain Bike Downhill Course Highlights

The Mountain Bike Downhill Course was opened at the same time as the Summer Gondola, on July 16, 2016. This downhill course, which runs approximately 3000 meters along the ski slopes with a 475-meter altitude drop from top to bottom, is the real deal for intermediate and advanced riders.

Niseko Grand HIRAFU Mountain Bike Downhill Course

Flow Trail Course

Making use of the ski slopes, this gentle, winding course is designed so that features such as banks and waves seem to flow together -- a style which is becoming increasingly popular in Euiope. Even beginners will easily enjoy the nuancea of this 1,400-meter long course.

  • Turbo Levo Electrically - Assisted Mountain Bike Rentals
    1. With integrated motors and batteries, Turbo Levo mountain bikes were independently developed by Specialized Bikes with the vision of “making the ascent just as fun”.
    2. Rental Fee: 90minutes 3,500yen
    3. *Tax included.
    4. *Includes Flow Tarail Course Usage Fee
    5. *May only be used on designated courses within Grand Hirafu Resort.


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  • This mountain bike course follows the ski slope and is for downhill riding only. With lots of rocks and a steep gradient, this course is meant for experienced and skilled intermediate and advanced riders. (It is not recommended for beginners.)
  • If you are not confident in your experience or skill, we strongly recommend that you hire an instructor or ride in the company of a highly experienced and skilled rider.

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