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Ski Area Safety Rules and Regulations

Please read and make good use of these rules and regulations in order to fully enjoy your skiing experience. Whether you’re skiing, snowboarding, or enjoying other winter activities on the mountain, please ensure that the below rules are well understood. Whether using skis or other winter sports equipment, the following rules apply. Please note that when the words “skiing” or “skier” are used in the rules below, they apply equally to snowboarding or any other type of downhill riding activity.
Snow Sports Safety Criteria

  1. Warnings!

    Some of the following warnings and rules are particular to this area and these rules are created and enforced with the skier’s safety in mind. Please help us by reading these rules carefully and obeying them.

    1. Please pay attention to any change in the weather as snow, wind and fog can drastically decrease visibility.
    2. Please pay attention to shadows and the mountain’s topography.
    3. Please pay attention to icy slopes and be aware of the possibility of avalanches.
    4. Please watch out for rocks, trees, and other potential obstacles.
    5. Please watch out for chair lift and gondola poles, buildings, and snowmobiles, as well as ski ground employees on the ski runs.
    6. Please be mindful of and considerate towards the other skier on the run.
    7. Please don’t descend any ski runs that exceed your ability as a skier.
  2. Rules

    For your own safety, please read and obey the following rules.

    1. Please control your physical condition and think your skill with topography, weather, snow conditions, and congestion on runs. Adjust your skiing style and speed appropriately so that you are in control at all times.
    2. In order to avoid congestion on the ski runs be mindful of the skiers behind and in front of you.
    3. When passing other skiers, be sure to keep an adequate distance from them.
    4. When you begin skiing, join or traverse a new run, please look uphill to ensure that it is clear of oncoming skiers.
    5. Please do not sit down in the middle of the ski run, on narrow runs, or in areas where the view uphill is limited. When stopped on a run, it is necessary to be careful and mindful of oncoming skiers. After falling please try to get up as soon as possible.
    6. When climbing up or walking on ski runs, please be on the side.
    7. Skis and snowboards, and any other downhill riding equipment must have breaking mechanisms attached.
    8. Please obey all notices, trail markers, restricted area sighs, internal loudspeaker broadcasts as well instructions from ski patrol and other mountain staff.
    9. In the event of an accident, all parties and witnesses involved must cooperate with the rescue, and provide identification for the report.
    10. Please use the lift safely.
  3. Other
    1. Please keep an eye on your children.
    2. For items not covered above, please behave in a lawful manner.
  4. Responsibilities
    1. The ski field accepts no responsibility for accidents that occur outside of the managed area. Furthermore, the skier involved will be liable for the entire cast of any rescue operation as deemed necessary by the ski field.
    2. The ski field accepts no responsibility for accidents resulting from a skier disobeying the above mentioned rules. In the event that an accident results due to negligence, the skier involved will be held liable.
    3. The ski field accepts no responsibility for items lost or stolen on the mountain.

    Disputes concerning the use of these ski slopes shall be settled in the court with jurisdiction over the area in which the ski slope area located.

  5. Snow Items

    Ski, Snowboard, Snowscoot, Snowmoto are allowed to ride in Niseko Tokyu Grand HIRAFU area.Other gears without safety leash (Sled, Snow deck. Snow strider, Snow Racer and others)are not allowed to ride or use in Niseko Tokyu Grand HIRAFU area.


    Please inquire if you need more information.

  6. Anti-Drone Area

    Wireless drones (including some wired drones) have become increasingly popular. The use of drones in Niseko Tokyu Grand HIRAFU is prohibited, excluding cases where has been granted explicitly. This includes ski areas, lifts, and other facilities, as and surrounding areas, as well as areas in which drone operation may have many skiers and people in general use the ski areas and facilities, and since the and have a moving rotor, there is a risk of collision and significant injury. In order drones and people due to, for example, sudden winds, transmission problems, and other reasons, drone flights are prohibited.

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