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ドローンなどの無線航空機の飛行禁止について(No Drone Flight)



近年急速に普及しているドローンなどの無線航空機(一部有線の物も含む)ですが、ニセコ東急 グラン・ヒラフでは通常時、イベント時に関わらず、スキー場・リフト・その他施設の、上空及び周辺、また影響を及ぼす可能性のある場所での飛行を特別な許可がある場合を除き禁止しております。




Wireless drones (including some wired drones) have become increasingly popular recently. The use of drones in Niseko Tokyu Grand HIRAFU is prohibited, excluding cases where permission has been granted explicitly. This includes ski areas, lifts, and other facilities, as well as the airspace and surrounding areas, as well as areas in which drone operation may have undesired consequences.

Many skiers and people in general use the ski areas and facilities, and since the drones are relatively heavy and have a moving rotor, there is a risk of collision and significant injury. In order to avoid collisions between drones and people due to, for example, sudden winds, transmission problems, malfunctions and operator error, and other reasons, drone flights are prohibited.

We thank you all in advance for your kind understanding in keeping our slopes a safe and fun place to ski/snowboard.