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ひと ー 倶知安発 ー People (from Kutchan)



Today, one of our staff from Hotel Niseko Alpen was featured in the Hokkaido Shimbun newspaper!



【場  所】ホテルニセコアルペン内特設コーナー
【販売料金】国産クワガタ1ペア 1,000円(ご宿泊の方は700円)※虫かご付
      オス単品 700円 メス単品 500円

His fierce love of insects is described in the article. This summer, we’re
hosting an event called “Beetle & Stag Beetle Kingdom” at Hotel Niseko Alpen!
You can see three types of non-native beetle, including the world’s biggest beetle the “Hercules beetle”, and four types of non-native stag beetles including the “Rainbow Stag Beetle”, and get to know some Japanese-bred stag beetles! In fact, we’ve even got Japanese-bred stag beetles for sale.

So come over to Hotel Niseko Alpen this summer, where you can meet “him”, beetles, and stag beetles! (^^)/

Beetle & Stag Beetle Kingdom
Open Season: Until August 24, 2014 (plan)
Open Hours: 9:00~17:00
Location: Specially-installed area inside Hotel Niseko Alpen
Admission Fee: Free to enter (Japanese-bred stag beetles only available for sale)
Sales Price: Japanese-bred stag beetle pair: 1,000 yen (700 yen for hotel guests) *Includes insect cage
1 beetle, male: 700 yen 1 beetle, female: 500 yen