I began Dormitory at last arrival point of trip.
NISEKO YUBOKUMIN Yoshikawa Kunihori


 Start of Yubokumin is 1987. It was hotel in forest, but this
neighborhood has just become town in those days. 24 years already pass,

 Why is there me from Fukuoka in Hirafu? I may talk about it as story
that youth of trip enthusiast arrives at last arrival point of trip,
and it completely became adult.

 I still carry backpack on my back every year and walk Asia. Anyway,
I took a trip to many places since I was young. It is before more than
30 years that I came to Hokkaido first; I in the days of university
student. I was impressed by splendor of Niseko and Hokkaido and
continued trip to Hokkaido afterwards. I found a job in major maker
after graduation from university and hope of assignment went and became
Sapporo duty.

 I resigned from the maker at 25 years old and traveled in foreign
countries such as India. I did not think that English that I learned on
trip helped work at this time. I married at 28 years old. I got to know
wife in youth hostel in the eastern part of Hokkaido. Company work
might be unreasonable for me in various ways. I resigned from company
and obtained this land by transfer from the president of affiliates and
began dormitory here. I was 30 years old at that time.

 Hirafu continues having free temperament to accept various youths
from old days. In the 1970s and the 1980s, various youths came to
Hirafu from all over Japan. At first backpackers came, and youths who
did trip on motorcycle next came. Some the youths made money by live-in
work of processing of salmon in autumn and made money by work of skiing
area of Hirafu when it was in winter. Because rent was unnecessary, as
for both work, money considerably accumulated. On holiday, they fully
enjoyed skiing.

 Such Japanese youths became less than old days. But foreigner comes
over now instead. Therefore after all Hirafu is interesting.

 When I began Yubokumin, I thought that ski visitor would not come
because ski was not good. Therefore we had person who was good at
skiing teach very much. It was beginner all the time till then. Ski
became interesting suddenly when we became able to glide at slope of
powder snow. The whole family including two brothers got absorbed in

 I wanted sons to bring up really at ease. Therefore all two of
them entered first-class mogul team. Motivation was in particular high
in second son (Yoshikawa Sora) from beginning. He becomes university
student and comes to position for the next Winter Olympics (2014)
participation now.

 For people who still continue lodging for the first time in the
1980s, they love Niseko. Besides, children are born here, and there are
many people who brought them up. It was the 21st century, and land
prices rose suddenly, and we received offer to sell land. We remember
the times when sons went to local elementary school (Kutchan Nishi
Elementary School Kabayama branch school) well all the time. And we who
had attachment toward this land answered that this land was not sold
without hesitation. In people who have sold land, I think that there
was person that connection with this area is not deep.

 Even if charm of Hirafu is called anything, it is snowy with
mountain. A lot of regular customers from the home of ski of Honshu
including Nagano and Niigata come to house, too. When “it was the first
time that we skied on so splendid snow”, even they were impressed.
Person who is good at skiing comes to Hirafu for splendid snow
repeatedly. The Nagano Olympics (1998) were a chance, and ski visitors
from foreign country increased for my impression. Many foreigners met
winter in Japan at that time, and a large number of foreign skiers came
to Hirafu. They were impressed by splendid snow of Hirafu in the same
way and spread reputation of Hirafu by word of mouth. For several years
mainly on 2000, skiers from foreign country increased by 2 times force
in the last year.

 But, in the days of beginning, good foreign skier skied only in
backcountry that was heaven of powder snow not slope. Ski in
backcountry is at great risk of accident. However, the ski history of
Niseko begins by ski in backcountry. Therefore it is not good thing to
merely limit ski in backcountry strictly. After trial and error of
several years, current Niseko rule about backcountry skiing was
enacted. In late years there are a lot of foreign skiers who are good
on slope. Guests from Asia trying ski for the first time in life

 I think that anyone longs for snow. I think that local person whom
it does not snow has an admiration in snow all the more. I have them
experience snow splendidly in Hirafu and want them to become repeater. I
think that new idea of that purpose is pursued in Hirafu.

I want to delight visitor in favorite thing.
Guesthouse FULL NOTE Shimatani Shoichi


 Opening of Full Note is 1982. Age that Higashiyama Prince Hotel( existing Niseko Village) just opened.

 I was born in Okinoshima of Shimane. I skied at the age of junior
high student for the first time in Daisen of Tottori and thereafter came
to love ski.

 I sent college life in Tokyo. We were crazy about ski and went in
Togari( Nagano) at that time. In addition, I came to love jazz, too and
got absorbed in performance of drum.

 I worked for major insurance company in Tokyo when I graduated from
university. In winter of that time, I went in Manza( Gunma) or Naeba(
Niigata) and skied earnestly. In 1972 when the Sapporo Olympics were
held, I visited Hirafu for the first time. I was surprised that skiing
area was large. Then here became my longed-for ground. Therefore
destination of honeymoon is Hirafu. I requested that I wanted to be
transferred to Sapporo every year in company. The wish finally came
true in 1980.

 I did not want to return to Tokyo anymore as I realized ski, golf
and tennis, fishing and good Hokkaido. I want to live somehow in
Hokkaido. And I wanted to live in Hirafu. At first I observed
Guesthouse close to An’nupuri skiing area. I made up my mind to become
owner of Guesthouse. I collected funds somehow and managed to reach the
opening of business at this place of Hirafu in 1982.

 Visitor comes for the purpose of ski in winter. However, there was
not purpose in summer. Therefore I intended to make tennis and jazz
characteristic of this Guesthouse. I thought that I was really happy
when I had visitor please with tennis and jazz which I loved. There
was, and six tennis courts formed four under gondola myself in those
days (now five in total). And I made studio for jazz, and exercise of
band was possible. Studio developed into shop “HALF NOTE” of live jazz

 Family of younger brother moved from Tokyo in the 1990s and began
Guestshouse(WOODY NOTE) as well as me. Parents live here now, too. I and
younger brother played a key role and built log house for parents.

 In that way it was the 21st century, and a lot of Australians came
to come over. I became fun remarkably again from there. Land service is
gradually filled up, too, and such a flow has already lasted ten years.
Foreigner has many people who can play the musical instrument and does
session with them at night. There is table tennis stand in studio, and
table tennis is possible, too. There is not really person who defeats
me in table tennis. I have already followed invincible myth with
foreigner all the time.

Cultural shock of day when I was young became personality of my Guesthouse.
Guesthouse GRAND PAPA Nigawara Kazuhiro


 The opening of business of Grand Papa is 1985. It is opening of extremely early time in Hirafu.

 For my school days, it was still the 1970s with embers of student
movement. I took a trip to many places at that time. When I traveled in
Europe, I had an unforgettable experience in Bed & Breakfast in
Germany. Germany and Italy, people around ten of various nationality
including the U.K. had breakfast at big table together. They talked
naturally and shared comfortable time. Most of them were appearance
like office worker. I was member of totally impossible scene in Japan.
And I thought, “this scene was good”. I graduated from university
before long and became office worker and married soon. However, scene
at that time was left in my heart all the time.

 I noticed that work to do in families was suitable for me than I worked for company. Therefore I decided to open guesthouse.

 Because I was born in Sapporo, I came to Hirafu since the days of
child many times. I watched resort some of Honshu, but there was not
land to boast of splendid nature of the snow and quantity of
overwhelming snow to like Hirafu elsewhere. Therefore I decided to open
guesthouse in Hirafu. The reason why I decided the present place in
construction place is that I liked that I see Mount Yotei very well.
There was not one building in the lower part in those days from here.
In fact, this land was already sold when I found this land. However, I
negotiated with feeling such as bet because I wanted to build
guesthouse here. As a result, I bought this land at last. Then, for 26
years, bet would be success.

 Grand Papa started as Bed & Breakfast and began restaurant of
cheese fondue afterwards. As you know, for these around ten years,
visitors of foreigner including Australia increased very much. When
visitor goes for dish because breakfast is buffet-style, there is
opportunity when visitors talk naturally. That scene which I longed for
on young day is developed every day here.

 Generally speaking, as for the facilities, hotel and condominium
are superior to Guesthouse. However, on the other hand, we can create
visitor and us, close communication between visitors in Guesthouse. And
the close communication becomes personality of Guesthouse. It is the
hostess to hold the key to service of Guesthouse. Therefore I do not
appear on many fronts and support so that wife can enjoy enough. If
wife is happy, whole family becomes smile.

 At hotel in area with many visitors coming from foreign country
like current Hirafu, service or facilities of West standard will be
important. But it is Japan here and is not Europe. Therefore I think
that I should offer service and facilities based on Japanese culture.
However, this area with culture unlike Kyoto and Edo does not look good
even if we take in only form of culture of Kyoto and Edo. I think that
I want visitor to feel Japanese culture in meaning deep more widely
including how to contact people and appearance of dining table.

 My son just became the same age when I took a trip to Europe.
Probably because of influence of my experience, he learned in Germany.
He succeeds this Guesthouse. As as parent and senior, we expect very
much in Hirafu which new generation makes from now on.

We were busy and did not have time to ski

 Let’s tell about story of people who ran hotel and lodging at the skiing area outskirts in the series. It is Fukui Minoru first to appear. As for him, it is run “NISEKO PARK HOTEL”.

 NISEKO PARK HOTEL started a business in 1977.
Father runs hotel (FUKUI hotel) in front of Kutchan Station and will
send branch to HIRAFU. “I was born and raised in Kutchan”. Therefore I
loved ski. When I entered university in Tokyo, we became crazy about
Demo Ski. We went to popular skiing area of Honshu of Shiga Kogen
(Nagano) or Hakuba-mura (Nagano) well. Those experience helped
management of hotel later.

 Hotel was only around ten in total in those days. We thought that I
could do skiing every day at time without work before the opening of
business. Because I loved ski. But it is more than skiiing when we
really begin business. While visitor stayed, we did not get discouraged
all day. We stayed at office during season. We were eager every day.
Such a thing is evaluated by visitor and thinks that we were able to
increase regular customers.

 We were blessed with passage of times. Ski tour from Honshu was
extreme popularity, and management developed from the latter half of
the 1970s. Hotel repeated the enlargement. It was just the really good
times until the beginning of the 1990s if we thought. For busy season
of the year-end and New Year holidays and consecutive holidays, hotel
became fully occupied by reservation before season start. A lot of
families from Sapporo stayed during period for winter vacation of
school. Family who was not able to reserve hotel during the period
stayed from the end of January.

 Most of the high season was no vacancies every day. Therefore I was
already dead tired when breakfast was over. We clean all the buildings
when we take a rest a little. We begin preparation for supper next.
When supper is over, you must prepare midnight snack immediately.
Therefore we were exhausted, and nothing wanted to assume that season
was over for a while.

 The 1990s began, and bubble economy was over, and great earthquake
disaster of Hanshin Awaji occurred, and stalls of Japanese economy
represented by failure of Hokkaido Takushoku Bank continued. Under the
influence of them, prosperity that began in the 1980s has been over.

 When the 2000s began, overseas visitors including Australia which
came to HIRAFU increased rapidly. The history of HIRAFU has begun to
change again. Treasure of HIRAFU is splendid snow and mountain even if
we say anything. We give wisdom and must repeat effort in future to
keep these treasure alive for a long time.

§24. Birth of ALPEN lift. (3)

 Let’s continue story that Nagae Katsuro recites. It is the times to the 1950s through the 1960s this time.

 In the land of HIRAFU skiing area, the top is national forest at
around 400 meters above sea level as border, and bottom is municipal
ownership place. It was company called MAGOME industry that German
capital was in before the war that owned the current municipal
ownership ground. After defeat, this land was managed as some
compensation to allied powers. Kucchancho starts activity to purchase
this land in 1949 and succeeds in the purchase in 1953. Area is 493
hectares. This land purchase allowed skiing area development to begin
before long.

 In January, 1959, Kutchan mayoral election was held. Takahashi
Seikichi which was Manager at Shiribeshi Subprefectural Office was
elected the town mayor. Town mayor of Takahashi pushed forward company
invitation and sightseeing promotion. There was plan that Toni Sailer
which was star of world alpine skiing world shot movie in Japan in
winter of 1959. Kucchancho invited the filming ground of movie.
However, we will take movie in Zao skiing area (Yamagata) with lift
institution. This was opportunity, and demand of townsman to want to
install lift in our town was strengthened more. Town mayor of Takahashi
succeeded in plywood production company, invitation of Hokkaido
fiberboard Co., Ltd., and it was the beginning of lift setting to
Hirafu. As a result, town mayor Takahashi realized both company
invitation and sightseeing promotion.

 In 1960, Kutchan bridge and HIRAFU bridge, two bridges became
permanent bridge. Because two bridges were completed, we became able to
carry heavy machine and material to mountain. The snow removing with
construction machine was enabled in winter. “SENNOKI OSAWA overpass”
across a certain valley was completed between KABAYAMA and YAMADA
district. Furthermore, in the same year, electricity runs Yamada
district. Kutchan Station was rebuilt, and it was 1960 that the
entrance of sightseeing was done. And Yamada Onsen of HIRAFU which
there was in national forest was transferred since the opening of
business of 1897 at the foot of a mountain in the autumn of 1961.
(Yamada Onsen was demolished in the autumn of 2010.)

03オープン日ニセコ高原 082 .jpg
 Nagae talks. Even if “one one of these events is missing, there was
lift setting in 1961, will not there be”? It may be said that it was
necessary event that lift appeared in HIRAFU with the history as place
skiiing for a long time at last.

HIRAFU slope (the spring of 1961) before skiing area establishment.


Recent HIRAFU slope. In main street that ski visitor from foreign countries comes and goes now.

§23. Birth of ALPEN lift. (2)

Katsuro was devoted to design of course of ALPEN lift and mountain
cottage where we could stay at. Some improvement based on experience of
4 seasons in KOGEN lift was considered to be. For example, they were to
do installing lift platform in low land where skier came into at the
last minute naturally and lift person in charge crew room and mountain
cottage office in one building. Nagae designed logo mark that
surrounded squirrel in circle.


 Lift place to get off was plan to set up at first in the vicinity of
“UMANOSE” in national forest. However, on account of the procedure,
setting place of place to get off will be changed in municipal ownership
place that permission has been already granted to.

 It was with half board, and the hotel charges of mountain cottage were
1,000 yen. Rate was more expensive than Guest House, but provided
luxurious supper which did pork steak in Maine.

 The staff of gathering the best people repeated strenuous efforts toward the opening of business in the night and day.

 However, achievements in the establishment of a business first year
were sluggish. As for the cause, it was thought about two. As for the
first cause, Saint Moritz Lift Co., Ltd. had only one lift to have two
lifts in NISEKO KOGEN KANKO Co., Ltd. The second cause was that there
was position of place to get off of lift to insufficient height not to
arrive to height of national land. On the other hand, good location of
mountain cottage was supported because sales staying thing of mountain
cottage were good.

 In 1966 of the second establishment of a business season,
construction of the second lift was urgent business. Nagae was engaged
earnestly in securing of fund. We took advice of Akiyama Aritoshi of
Director of federation of Niseko ski (the Kucchancho Konpira temple
chief priest) into account and decided to fix mountaintop station of
the second lift on 800 meters of plateaus. As for the high difference
of lift, 300 meters, lift extension are 1,000 meters. Construction was
started in September. Construction was pushed forward at a fast pace,
and aim of service start was in sight in the new year of 1967.

 However, problem of lack of electricity occurred suddenly.
Electricity of skiing area transmitted electricity with power line
which Yamada district had in those days. Saint Moritz Lift Co., Ltd.
was going to use this power line, too, but capacity of this power line
was insufficient so that two companies used.

 Therefore Saint Moritz Lift Co., Ltd. changed power supply to diesel
generation and started service of the second lift on 1st on schedule in
January, 1967.

 This thing was the beginning, and good relations between Saint
Moritz Lift Co., Ltd. and NISEKO KOGEN KANKO Co., Ltd. reached the end.
After this, both companies competed for expansion of lift each other and
built the basics as of thing of HIRAFU skiing area.

 The above is process that two lift service companies were organized
in HIRAFU district. Nagae Katsuro of executive director who led Saint
Moritz Lift Co., Ltd. for many years retired from company in 1986.

§22. Birth of ALPEN lift. (1)

were KOGEN lift and ALPEN lift which two companies where management
became independent each in HIRAFU until season of 2003 operated (we
integrate with GRAND HIRAFU from season in 2004). It was NISEKO KOGEN
KANKO Co., Ltd. to have built the first lift in December, 1961. It was
Saint Moritz Lift Co., Ltd. to have installed ALPEN lift in 1965. Both
companies will be known for rival relations afterwards. However,
process of the Saint Moritz Lift establishment Co., Ltd. is not talked
about very much now. Based on note of Nagae Katsuro which was the
person concerned and interview to the person himself, we will arrange
historical fact.

 Nagae was born in Hobetsu-mura, Yuufutsu-gun, Hokkaido for 1,925
years. Via Kutchan instruction trust farm co-ops, it was the first
person of employee who entered from hometown NISEKO KOGEN KANKO Co.,

 DAISETSUKAKU Co., Ltd. of local company applied for permission to
install lift in the whole area called ALPEN course now in spring of
1965. There is slope that became course of the 40th all-Japan ski
championship ALPEN competition in March, 1962.

 Forerunner of DAISETSUKAKU “is flop house Daimaru Hut” which we
opened in (lift first season) in March, 1962. Manager of hut was Ando
Kogyo of Kucchancho. NISEKO KOGEN KANKO Co., Ltd. was not going to
perform accommodation business at first. “Daimaru Hut” was made as a
result that Teraoka Shiro which had will toward community improvement
with ski while we ran dental clinic advised Ando about entry to
accommodation business. In the next season, “DAISETSUKAKU” which is
real ski hotel is born (manager is replaced in the 1980s, and current
name is Hotel Scot).

 NISEKO KOGEN KANKO Co., Ltd. examined lift expansion program as
future vision. However, we just still finished 4 seasons after the
establishment of a business at that point, and at last management was
going to begin to get on track. However, we cannot merely overlook lift
setting application of DAISETSUKAKU. When “our company wanted to do
setting application of lift by all means”, we gave circulating the
draft for sanction to Takenaka Osamu, president of Nitto merchant ship
company which was parent company. However, answer of the president “was
No”. For management of skiing area that was not favorable start,
investment was judgment not to be possible.

 Nagae Katuro talked with Teraoka Shiro. “We want Teraoka to build
lift”. Teraoka decided entry to lift after mature deliberation. Company
which operated lift did with Saint Moritz Lift Co., Ltd. which assumed
Niseko Lift Service which ran Kucchancho Asahigaoka skiing area Co.,
Ltd. forerunner. There were discussion of the person concerned and town
mayor of Takahashi Seikichi and the Sakai town assembly chairperson,
the consent of Ando Kogyo, and Saint Moritz Lift Co., Ltd. acquired
setting permission of lift.

 However, Saint Moritz Lift Co., Ltd. hardly had the actual situation
including talented person. Nagae Katsuro will deal with setup of new
lift company as being on the register roll in NISEKO KOGEN KANKO Co.,

§21. Beginning of lodging (3)

 Let’s continue topic of early Guest House.

 The establishment of a business of “Lodge Korpokkur” was 1961 same
as the lift opening of business (we move to the present location in
1973). There is lawn ground, and camp of soccer and rugby is possible
in the summer, too. Okada Mitsuyoshi of the founder feels nostalgic for
those days. Because “field was not large, father did work of felling of
tree in mountain in the winter season”. It was not necessary to work
outdoors for the winter season after lift was done. However, we seemed
to be puzzled because we were not used to Guest House management.

 Eiko of wife repeated special training to begin Guest House and
took cook license. Of course potato and milk, rice, vegetables to use
for dish are homemade. We would open Guest House suddenly and were
serious from preparations. We rebuilt main house in guest room and
rebuilt barn in our living room. We thought that we wanted visitor to
eat local delicious thing. 」

 Humiyoshi of son of current manager was still child, but went to
station to meet visitor in horse sleigh when train which we picked up
skier on arrived at HIRAFU Station.


 Okada Tomio opened “GINREISO” in 1968. The National Athletic Meet
would be held in Kutchan in the winter season in 1970 and there was
request from Kucchancho and started a business. Current master Okada
Tomonobu says. “Accommodation business was the totally first thing for
parents”. Therefore, at time without field work between summer, father
and mother went to hot spring resort and studied service. 」

 When we opened hotel, there was not much number of hotel guests. Ski
tour from Honshu became extreme popularity before long, and hotel
became prosperous. “GINREISO” was 11 rooms at the time of the opening of
business, but is 54 well-established ski hotels now.


 It was 1968 that Sakai Masayuki opened “SAKAE hotel”. Sakai
discontinues “SAKAE hotel” in 2007 and runs “bar SAKAE” now. Sakai came
over as cook of DAISETSUKAKU from YUNOKAWA of Hakodate in 1965.

 Sakai says. “Visitor came to HIRAFU at the time of the opening of
business in winter”. “We made group called HIRAFU skiing area promotion
society with lift and the person concerned of the accommodations and
talked about measures of the summer”. We went to other resorts for
inspection and established tennis court. Visitor of ski tour came to
come from the end of the 1970s, and visitors suddenly increased. 」

 Because there was experience of professional cook, Sakai gathered
proprietresses of Guest House and taught dish. This is because he
thought that all hotels of HIRAFU have to make an effort to raise charm


?Upper figure is neighboring maps of time of two years later from NISEKO
KOGEN lift establishment. (this figure was made with reference to map
printed on handkerchief distributed in Yamada Onsen in those days.) We
can read Nohda, Oda, Urano( existing HAKUUNSO), the name of Okada from

§20. Beginning of lodging (2)

period of HIRAFU ski lift establishment, the accommodations were Guest
house by farmer of the neighborhood of ski slope. Mostly farmers kept
1-2 cows. Therefore fresh milk was treated hotel guest to every morning
and was pleased very much. Egg which hen which we kept in garden laid
and potato harvested near were served. We were able to say service that
farming family served homemade milk and farm output product with the
original form of today’s farm restaurant.

 Mr.Masanobu Oda of “Oda Guest house” which was first one of seven
says. “Supper and one stay rate with breakfast are 500 yen”. It is not
thought now, but is all sharing a room. Mrs.Kimie of wife says. It “was
not only milk and potato to have contributed to visitor”. “I caught a
lot of chars in autumn and cooked candied fish”. In addition, we made
wild plants salt pickles. For “people who came from snowy few areas, we
made Kamakura(Japanese snow Igloo) in garden and have done BBQ in
that”. They were pleased very much. When “we were used to get up early
in the morning, but it was hard not to be slept into the night”, Kimie
looks back. Oda Guest house finished business in 1978 partly because
Masanobu harmed physical condition.

 A certain popular hotel “Hakuunsou” is start from Guest house of
the early days near Kogen course. Noted product of this hotel is milk
bath. This was idea that was born because they kept cow at the time of
the establishment of a business. Mrs.Taeko Urano runs this hotel now.
She was ever ski visitor who came to Hirafu many times.

 Mrs.Taeko became ski lover so as to come to go to Europe and
Canadian skiing area. And the ski enthusiast made wedding by
relationship in Hakuunsou for 1,975 years. “Hirafu had only lift and the
accommodations in those days”. Therefore we began coffee shop and
restaurant. 」

 ”We want to revolutionize Hirafu more attractively”! Urano family
thought. Therefore, for example, they made tennis court for visitor of
the summer. They paid more attention to the whole area and widened


§19. Beginning of lodging (1)

 NISEKO Kogen Hirafu skiing area (in March, 1962 in existing NISEKO
Grand HIRAFU), the 40th all-Japan ski championship Alpen competition was
held.) For the competition, guest houses seven started a business.

 It was farmhouse which was near to all skiing area to have opened
guest houses and depended on the advice of Kucchancho. Aim of town was
that we diffused skiing that was new industry of expectation and to
support the local farming that was not endowed with soil condition a
little. There is not the concrete furtherance, and seven houses
organize guest house association in budget, though, to borrow money
from financial institution. It was Mataji Nouda that the association
played a key role.

 We talk about Mr.Tadashi Nouda running “lodging Nouda” in sons of
Mataji Nouda now. “We began guest house in house which father built in
1932”. There were six rooms in big things and small things. Visitor
came to stay from the Self-Defense Forces of Kutchan since before lift
was installed and skied. 」


 Father) of Mataji Nouda(Mr.Tadashi Nouda did work of felling of
tree for ski course creation. We cut down big tree with two or three
people in winter of (1960) in the last year of lift opening and carried
them on a horse to the foot of a mountain. Mr.Tadashi Nouda
participated in fire prevention line (for forest fire) setting of
skiing area. Steller’s sea lion pine wood around the foot of skiing
area was made as fire prevention flight.

 Mr.Tadayuki Nouda which is son of Mr.Tadashi Nouda runs current
lodging Noda. Because Yasuko of wife of Tadayuki can speak English,
foreign visitor is got close to as hotel which is full of international
atmosphere featuring arrival, scene of field.