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§11. Opportunity of lift construction is fiberboard production. (1)

 NISEKO KOGEN HIRAFU skiing area (in existing GRAND HIRAFU), two lift (extension 1,020m) was completed for the first time, and, on December 17, 1961, opening ceremony was practiced.) However, in fact, lift of HIRAFU was not thing planned as institution of skiing area at first. Then it would be lift for what.


 At the end of 1950s, fiberboard manufacturing facility of Japanese fiber Angle Kogyo Corporation was in Iwanaicho, Hokkaido. With fiberboard, we mixed fiber of wood with adhesive, and heat was synthetic board to mold, and there were various uses from thing that it was homogeneous, and was easy for processing. The company had advanced technology to produce fiberboards to raw materials in CHISHIMAZASA where it grew so as to be said to be inexhaustible in this area.

 Hokkaido fiberboard Co., Ltd. was established for capital 10 million yen in 6, Kucchancho volost (plot with Kutchan climate building), and, in February, 1961, construction of new factory began to plan increase in production of fiberboard. And large-scale lift will be set up to carry out CHISHIMAZASA growing wild in NISEKO mountain range into the foot of a mountain.

 However, overseas cheap competitive products came to be imported during factory construction in large quantities, and construction of factory was canceled. However, setting of lift planned for the purpose of raw materials transportation will be realized for different purposes.

 By the way, will imagination point out what kind of thing fiberboard was used for? It will be that memory includes person knowing TV of about 1960. In fact, it is ceiling of TV. Board which some small holes opened was made by fiberboard.