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§9. The first ski which villagers watched.

 Katsumi Sanbe first lieutenant of the 25th TSUKISAMU regiment, Matsukura Gisuke first lieutenant, Nakazawa Jihei second lieutenants participated in ski class in Asahikawa (Hokkaido) by Lerch lieutenant colonel from Sapporo. In March, 1912 when they came back from Asahikawa, they hold class in TSUKISAMU parade grounds in order to spread ski technology of Lerch art handed down directly in Sapporo. Student and teacher of northeastern empire University agricultural college (existing Hokkaido University), general people participated in this in addition to regiment officers, too. This is the source of history of full-scale skiing of Sapporo. Step of Hokkaido University BUNBU society skiing club which became the whole country’s first student skiing club began from here.

 We mention this later history of Hokkaido University skiing club with the other article. At first let’s introduce episode of Kutchan visit of Lerch here.

 Time is 1912 (Meiji 45) four a year 15 days a month.

 Seven people of the seventh the seventh division field gun regiment of Asahikawa led in Lerch left Asahikawa Station for Mount Yotei (1,898m) in morning of the day to do ski mountaineering. They added Okuya Jinkichi reporter of Otaru newspaper in Otaru and aimed at Kutchan.

 It was ex-serviceman chapter and Ezo Fuji mountain climbing society of Kutchan to have met them.


 For 16 days of the next day, ski corps got up at 4:00 a.m. After getting ready, we had sudden rain, and their departure has been called off. Lieutenant colonel gave a lecture about danger and preparations for ski mountaineering on theme about “Alpine danger” after break. They practiced ski in heap of OGURO (existing Asahigaoka Park) in the afternoon because rain turned into snow. The staff of SHIRIBESHI branch and village office, many villagers including child and teacher of elementary school watched this. We are told that everybody stared wide-eyed at straight descent, traverse that Lerch and others show. History of HIRAFU ski reached full-scale start here.