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§2. We will look back on 1961.

 Lift of length NISEKO’s first and eminent Japan was created in HIRAFU in 1961. What would be taking place in those days in the world? We want to look back on it now daringly.


 Japan accomplished revival after World War II and was highly economic time when it developed.

 JOHN F KENNEDY took office as the President at 43 years old abroad in U.S.A. in January and launched manned satellite VOSTOK1 where the human was the first among the Soviet Union in spring, and Gagarin pilot succeeded in earth one round. In August, we blockaded border of East Germany east and west Berlin. This becomes Berlin Wall later.


 By the way, the world was in frame of new growth and political system from postwar revival when we looked back in this way, and science accomplished rapid progress for the space age. We received force of growing economy in Japan, and culture and sports reached big turning point.