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§0. Prologue


 Officer Theodor von Lerch Edora(1869-1945) of Austrian = Hungary empire is one of the important people who told skiing to Japan. He visited Japan for study of the Japanese military in November, 1910. The Japanese military paid attention to technique of ski which he had and asked him for instruction of the technique. He came over to Asahikawa-shi, Hokkaido for instruction of ski in February, 1912. And he visited Kutchan on April 15, the same year to climb Mount Yotei.


 2012 is the 100th year since Lerch visits Kutchan. We reach the 50th anniversary after HIRAFU skiing area opened in 2011 of the last year. Match with the milestone, and we want to review “the history of ski of NISEKO HIRAFU” some other time.