• Director Hideaki Imaizumi

    DirectorHideaki Imaizumi

    • Ski

    Kids to adults, absoluted begginer to advanced, we offer the best lesson.

  • Shizuko Sugawara

    Shizuko Sugawara

    • Ski

    Let's make your stay in Niseko enjoyable and level up your ski skill !

  • Naoki Kaya

    Naoki Kaya

    • Ski

    There is no other place you can experience this Niseko powder. Let's have fun together.

  • Tacaco Takei

    Tacaco Takei

    • Ski

    If you're interested in the first time skiing but little nervous or afraid of speed, let's go practice with me to have fun and enjoy skiing !

  • Kaori Higashino

    Kaori Higashino

    • Ski

    I would like to help you over 15 years of experience. From kids to adults , I'm looking forward to seeing you.

  • Satoru Kushibiki

    Satoru Kushibiki

    • Ski

    Let's have fun together !

  • Noriko Miyoshi

    Noriko Miyoshi

    • Ski

    Let's explore Niseko together !

  • Shigemi Matsuhashi

    Shigemi Matsuhashi

    • Ski
    • Snowboard

    Let's enjoy the greatest powder snow !

  • Keisuke Ogura

    Keisuke Ogura

    • Ski
    • Snowboard

    I would like to help you to find the fun in skiing and snowboarding here in Niseko. Supported by Moss Snowboards, Pole Wards

  • Nozomu Kaku

    Nozomu Kaku

    • Ski

    Hi everyone ! I'm an energetic person around, let's have fun with me.

  • Takuya Miyamoto

    Takuya Miyamoto

    • Ski
    • Snowboard

    Come and play on your ski with me.

  • hitoshi Miura

    Hitoshi Miura

    • Ski

    Let's go to an excellent skiing in nice mountain and nice snow !

  • Narihiro Matsumoto

    Narihiro Matsumoto

    • Ski

    I love playing on the snow.

  • Masakatsu Honda

    Masakatsu Honda

    • Ski

    Let's make the best ski memory with me.

  • Asako Kasuga

    Asako Kasuga

    • Ski

    I like skiiing very much.Let's enjoy Niseko with me!

  • Shunichi Okazaki

    Shunichi Okazaki

    • Ski

    Let's enjoy skiing with me!!!

  • Shigeru Suwa

    Shigeru Suwa

    • Ski
    • Snowboard

    Let's enjoy the Niseko Powder together !

  • Yoshinori Niidate

    Yoshinori Niidate

    • Snowboard

    Enjoy Powder Riding !

  • Naoko Chihara

    Naoko Chihara

    • Snowboard

    Let's improve skils with fun together. Snowboarding is fun!

  • Jesse


    • Snowboard

    In French,Japanese or English, let's enjoy Snowboarding together !

  • Malene


    • Ski

    I know that skiing can be hard, but with me it will be like playing in the backyard.

  • Emma


    • Ski

    Come on let's go enjoy the snow 1,2,3 ready to skiii

  • Maja


    • Ski

    Want to ski like a Queen ? Look for the helmet that's green.

  • Matilde


    • Ski

    Want to learn how to ski ? Come and enjoy the mountain with me !

  • Iben


    • Ski

    Let's have fun and improve your skiing together.

  • Theo


    • Ski

    Want to be better to ski ? Come and join the mountain with me !

  • Bjørn


    • Ski

    Don't crash and burn, take a lesson and let me help you learn :)

  • Hannibal


    • Ski

    Come and level up your skiing skills and let's experience the unique JAPOW !

  • Laurids


    • Ski

    You and I together will enjoy some skiing. In other words we'd be sightseeing.

  • Mathias M

    Mathias M

    • Ski

    Let's enjoy skiing together !

  • Lukas


    • Ski
    • Snowboard

    Let's enjoy skiing or snowboarding together !

  • Laurits


    • Ski
    • Snowboard

    Skis or Snowboard don't matter. Lets have fun and enjoy the mountain together !

  • Mathias T

    Mathias T

    • Ski
    • Snowboard

    If you wanna board or ski, then come have fun with me

  • Rasmus


    • Ski
    • Snowboard

    Do you want to have fun together in the snow ? -Let's go !

  • Rune


    • Ski
    • Snowboard

    Wanna learn ski or board, I can teach you any sort.

  • Lasse


    • Ski
    • Snowboard

    A pair of skis or a snowboard are the ultimate transportation to freedom. Let's enjoy it together.

  • Yuuya Miyamura

    Yuuya Miyamura

    • Snowboard

    I'm trying to help for your wonderful Niseko Life. Let's go to the Niseko Powder !

  • Shigeru Oyama

    Shigeru Oyama

    • Kids Park

    Do you want to level up on the slopes that are varied in Niseko ? You can discover the real fun of skiing from adults to children.

  • Yuki Saitou

    Yuki Saitou

    • Kids Park

    Please feel a lot of things by touching and seeing the snow.

  • Gou Mitsueda

    Gou Mitsueda

    • Kids Park

    Children and also adults can play so much fun ! Please come to the Kids Park.

  • Hisa Moriike

    Hisa Moriike

    • Reception

    I'll be waiting for you with Omotenashi hospitality.

  • Junichi Kitahara

    Junichi Kitahara

    • Office Manager

    Let's go to powder !!

  • Kiyoshi Nakashima

    Kiyoshi Nakashima

    • Nature Hiking Guide

    Let's have fun finding mashroom in the beautiful winter forest. We offer tours
    in English !

  • Masayuki Inoue

    Masayuki Inoue

    • Medical Advisor

    Medical advisor of Niseko Grand Hirafu Snowschool.
    Orthopedist in NTT Higashi Nihon Hospital.

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