Ace Family Lift

Ace Family Pair Lift to Be Upgraded to High-Speed Quad Lift in December 2017.

The King No.3 Lift

Replacing the Ace Family Pair Lift, construction of which was completed in November 1983, with a high-speed quad lift will help reduce congestion by carrying an additional 1,200 people every hour. We are expecting a significant decrease in lift waiting time, which had been as long as one hour at peak times. The new quad lift will also be more comfortable for beginner skiers and snowboarders, since it is designed to slow to a speed of 0.8 meters/second at the point of disembarkation.

The upgrade will also involve the repositioning of the Sanroku and Sancho Stations, the lift's start and end points. By moving the Sancho Station, the lift's end point, upslope to the top of the Sennoki Course (above the Family Course), we aim to improve usability by easing congestion on beginners courses, creating a new link from the Sennoki Course to the Alpen Course/King area, and improving access to the .Base Ski Center, HIRAFU Parking Lot #1, and the King area.

The King No.3 Lift MAP
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