For Safety

Lift & Gondola Rules and Regulations

  1. Article 1 / Scope

    The rules and regulations governing the operation of the lift and gondola by Niseko Tokyu Resort Co. ,Ltd. are stipulated in the following articles. Anything not outlined in these ‘Rules and Regulations’ complies with Japanese Law and, where this is not applicable, complies with general practice.

  2. Article 2 / Staff Instructions

    Where the safe transport of passengers and maintenance of public order is required, company employees (hereinafter employees) will issue instructions which must be followed.

  3. Article 3 / Acceptance of Carriage

    With the exception of those who, in accordance with the provisions in Article 4, have been refused carriage, Niseko Tokyu Resort Co. ,Ltd. shall transport customers wishing to travel.

  4. Article 4 / Refusal of Carriage

    Niseko Tokyu Resort Co., Ltd. retains the right to refuse carriage in the following circumstances:

    1. When a person is not in possession of a valid ticket.
    2. When a person does not follow staff instructions.
    3. When a person makes unreasonable requests regarding transport.
    4. When a person is conducting himself in a manner contrary to that provided in the laws or the maintenance of public peace and good morals.
    5. When a person is considered to be a safety risk.
    6. When a person is in possession of hazardous materials.
    7. When a natural disaster or another unavoidable problem interrupts lift and gondola operations.
    8. Any other justifiable reason other than those stipulated above.
  5. Article 5 / Ticket Sales

    Tickets for the lift and gondola are available at ticket offices.

  6. Article 6 / Ticket Validity
    1. Tickets are only valid when used in accordance with the conditions printed on the ticket concerned.
    2. Should the company affect changes to the prices or fares, tickets sold at the original price shall remain valid during the period stipulated on the ticket.
    3. Should a ticket other than a valid one be used, it shall be invalidated.
    4. Should any of the following occur, tickets shall be invalidated:
      1. (1) The ticket is not used in accordance with the conditions stipulated on the ticket.
      2. (2) A season pass is used by anyone other than the person whose name appears on the ticket.
      3. (3) The ticket has been modified or forged.
    5. It is forbidden resell tickets. Any resold tickets that are discovered shall be invalidated and confiscated.
  7. Article 7 / Ticket Inspection

    Passengers shall present their ticket at the loading area ticket gate for inspection or adjustment.

  8. Article 8 / Fares, Charges and Methods of Application

    Fares received by Niseko Tokyu Resort Co. ,Ltd. and their methods of application shall be based on the fare chart and other stipulated methods of application.

  9. Article 9 / Procedures Concerning Passengers in Transit when Operation is Suspended

    Should the lift and gondola stop due to natural disasters or any other unavoidable reasons, once the lift and gondola has resumed operation passengers necessary measures such as the issuance of a free ticket etc. shall be put into place to allow passengers to continue.

  10. Article 10 / Reimbursement of Fares

    Should the lift and gondola be unable to operate as the result of natural disaster or by fault of Niseko Tokyu Resort Co., Ltd., customers shall be reimbursed as stipulated in other regulations. This rule, however, does not apply should the lift and gondola be temporarily halted due to blizzards etc. which threaten safe transport.

  11. Article 11 / Scope of Responsibility

    Niseko Tokyu Resort Co. ,Ltd.bears responsibility for passengers from the period outlined in Article 7 to the time they alight at the terminal.

  12. Article 12 / Prohibited Behaviour

    Passengers are asked to refrain from the following:

    1. Jumping from the lift or getting on or off the lift at unauthorised points.
    2. Swinging their skis or snowboards and rocking the lifts.
    3. Sitting on the chair improperly.
    4. Any other behaviour which is deemed unsafe.
  13. Article 13 / Responsibility to Passengers

    Where operation of the lift and gondola causes loss of life or bodily harm, Niseko Tokyu Resort Co., Ltd. shall pay damages in recompense. This rule, however, does not apply in cases where:

    1. Niseko Tokyu Resort Co., Ltd. has abided by Japanese Law and it can be proved that the lift and gondola is not defective and is operating properly.
    2. Where it can be proved that an accident occurred wholly as a result of intent or negligence of the passenger concerned.
  14. Article 14 / Liability for Personal Effects

    Niseko Tokyu Resort Co., Ltd. shall not be liable for any costs arising from the loss or damage of skis or other personal effects during transport. This rule, however, does not apply where the said destruction or damage is attributable to Niseko Tokyu Resort Co., Ltd.

  15. Article 15 / User Responsibility

    Should Niseko Tokyu Resort Co., Ltd. suffer loss which is attributable to passenger intent, mistake or negligence of these Rules and Regulations it will demand recompense from the passenger(s) concerned.

  16. Article 16 / Surcharges

    Should a passenger be in possession of a ticket invalidated by Niseko Tokyu Resort Co., Ltd. in accordance with Articles 6.3 and 6.4, Niseko Tokyu Resort Co., Ltd. shall ask the passenger to pay the corresponding price of the ticket and a premium of up to the full value of the ticket.

  17. Article 17 / Court of Jurisdiction

    Disputes concerning the use of these ski slopes shall be settled in the court with jurisdiction over the area in which the ski slopes are located.

Niseko Tokyu Resort Co., Ltd.