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Nature and sports are the origins of business.
NOASC Co., Ltd.
Representative director ROSS CARTY, KUNIYO CARTY

 I was born in Brisbane in southeastern Australia in 1966. I was
brought up from 10 years old in Canberra and loved ski since the days
of child. But it is ice hockey that I got absorbed most. I was chosen
as vice-captain of national team of the boy generation and came for
Kushiro( Hokkaido) and Tomakomai( Hokkaido) in 1983. It was my first
visit to Japan. I was 17 years old then.

 For school days, I skied in Europe and Canada. In 1989 to graduate
from university, I came to An’nupuri skiing area of Niseko to ski. I
just stayed in Japan to learn Japanese to come to Niseko again. I stayed
in Sapporo in summer.

 I graduated from university and found a job in Australia. But I sent
resume to Saint Moritz lift Corporation (Hirafu) because I intended to
go to Hirafu in the next year. It worked, and I was assigned to work of
patrol in Hirafu.

Ross: Kuniyo worked in company of Tokyo.

Kuniyo: It was work of business assistance of apparel maker. But I
came to Niseko after all and began part-time job in Alpen shop.

Ross: I dropped in at Alpen shop well elsewhere in those days because there was not shop to buy chocolate and Coke.

Kuniyo: We did the first date in in employee dining room of Hotel
Niseko Alpen. We did the second date in in house of Hank which had
closed. Ross was able to talk about only some Japanese, and, as for me,
dictionary was necessary for our conversation because we were not able
to speak English at all. Ross studied Japanese hard.

Ross: I worked in bar and Graubünden of Watanabe Junko. In Graubünde, Ross Findlay worked, too.

 With Kuniyo, we launched business to import Australian snowboard
into Japan before long. But the yen became weak, and profit has
decreased. Therefore I opened shop and school of snowboarding in Niseko.

 I founded NOASC(Niseko Outdoor Adventure Sports Company) in 1994.
Tour of backcountry, summer rafting, kayak, adventure camping. I
extended business.

 From about 1995, sports business of me and Ross Findlay, Australian
business of Hirafu including tour business of Peter Murphy came to
attract attention. Then powder snow of Niseko comes to be known to
people of Australia and East Asia rapidly, and it becomes big topic in

Ross: We married in 1996.

Kuniyo: At first Ross got along well from neighboring women to persuade my parents into our marrying.

Ross: We became parent of 3 children all too soon when we noticed.

Kuniyo: Ross loving children works on swimming and outdoor activity with other children very eagerly.

Ross: Rugby is minor sports in Japan than Australia. I want to diffuse
rugby as summer main sports of Hirafu in cooperation with various
people. I want to teach children splendor of rugby.

Kuniyo: Through child, adults not to know can make friends
immediately. Because bond with area becomes stronger by being concerned
with event and PTA of school.

 The 21st century began, and, in addition to NOASC, I made travel
agency and real estate company. Range of business spreads, and this can
cover both hardware and software to enjoy Niseko. I want to call in
Asian people that there is more as well as people of the English zone
that I did including Australia from now on in Niseko. Across Kutchan,
Niseko, Rankoshi, local government, we think that we should make an
effort jointly to promote it.

 Nature and sports are the origins of my business here. I think that
town of Kutchan and Niseko becomes town with agriculture and industry
to assume nature and sports resources. Japan does not yet have such a
town. I want to do my best for the realization. And I look forward to
the future of this town.

Encounter of two people is the first encounter with Japan of Australia.
NAC Co., Ltd.
Representative director ROSS FINDLAY, YOKO FINDLAY

ロス・フィンドレー夫妻_MG_9545.jpg Ross: It was in Boyoso which there was in slope of Hirafu in February, 1991 that I met Yoko for the first time.

Yoko: I was crazy about moguls competition as player in those days
while freeloading at Lodge Rondo of Hirafu. One day I encountered Ross.
He ate pickle and rice then. I thought to be “foreigner” who seemed to
be what poor. And I talked to him unintentionally.

Ross: Rice was 200 yen, and pickle was free. I think that smile of
Yoko at that time let me live in Hokkaido after all. Then there are us
together all the time.

Yoko: Ross did work of instructor of ski at that time. I lived in
the summer in Sapporo, and I fought in one place after another in
meeting of moguls in winter based in Hirafu. We make money in summer
and ski in winter. Therefore let’s cooperate, and to opinion agreed on
two and came to live together before long.

Ross: In Australia, a lot of Japanese foreign students worked using
working holiday. Japanese had friendly feeling to see their spirited,
serious personality and wanted to come to Japan once because Japanese
economy was brisk at all.

 I was born in Melbourne, Australia in 1964 and was brought up in
Sydney. I learn sports studies and business administration in Canberra
University and graduate in 1986. I thought that I did centering on
sports from school days and would assemble my life.

 It is 1989 that I came to Japan for the first time. Using working
holiday visa, I did instructor at “Miura Yuichiro Snow Dolphin ski
school” in the Teine mountains of Sapporo for approximately two years.
Then I knew Hirafu and was absorbed in this mountain and snow. From
1991 the end of the year, I have begun to live in Hirafu. I worked at
branch of Graubünden of Watanabe Junko in the winter season and
worked by Kitazawa construction in the summer.

Yoko: It is the Kitazawa Teruyoshi president of Kitazawa construction of Kutchan to have become benefactor.

Ross: His company built log house in Kabayama(Kutchan). Because most
of material of log house were import goods, manual was English. I was
asked to translate the English manual. In that way I have begun to work
in construction site. And I was able to learn technique of carpenter.
My Japanese improved very much at the same time, too.

Yoko: At the beginning, he did not understand simple Japanese at all.

Ross: In autumn of 1994, we held wedding ceremony in Yamada Shrine. I called my parents, brothers then from Australia.

Yoko: Then we intended to launch summer business in Hirafu and
established NAC(Niseko Adventure Center) in spring of 1995. Main
business is rafting in Shiribetsu river. However, nobody knew what
rafting was at that time in Japan.

 Because winter splendor of Niseko is celebrity, many people come
from the inside and outside of country. But nobody came in summer.
Therefore I wanted to convey charm of summer Niseko well, and I had my
eyes on Shiribetsu river. Quantity of water is always abundant and is
clear stream to be able to enjoy nature of Niseko. Because there was
not money, there was only one boat. paddles was my own work. There was
big hole at bottom of boat soon. I repaired boat somehow and continued
doing business.

 I decided to have visitors wear dry suit. This may be beginning in
the world in rafting. Thanks to dry suit, visitor did not get wet with
water of river. And rafting became suddenly popular. Reputation
gradually spread out on word of mouth and the Internet, and visitors
increased. From the second year, management got on track.

Ross: Because schools which adopted rafting experience for school
excursion from Honshu increased, sales increased smoothly. I was
concerned with the establishment of association of Japanese river guide
in 1997. And we bought material of gymnasium of school abolished in
spring of this year. I planned to build big company building with these
materials. I decided to make reception desk Counter of rafting and
trekking tour, shop of outdoor goods and cafe in the building.

Yoko: I think that it was good that we were able to offer work to
young people who wanted to live by the construction and later business
in Hirafu.

Ross: There were a lot of people without money like us before a
little. In the people, there are a lot of people doing hirafudeironna
business including rafting and guide

 In 2003, I was chosen as foreigner to “sightseeing Charisma Skills
100 selections” of Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport for
the first time. It was evaluated that we had many people know charm of
summer Niseko newly only in winter. I want many people to know charm of
Nature of Niseko except ski and snowboarding from child to adult more.
I always thought so while bringing up four children with Yoko in Niseko.

§32. Pioneers. (2)

Niseko rule that advanced Niseko
Mayor of Niseko snowslide accident prevention meeting Niseko snowslide investigation here and there

 I was born in Sapporo in 1947. I was charmed at the age of high
school student by mountain climbing. Of course, at university, I
belonged to the mountaineering club. At first I climbed the mountains
of Hokkaido such as Mt. of the cold winter period Tokachi Taisetsu,
mountain traversing of Shiretoko mountain range, Mt. Rishiri
thoroughly. I stayed in Nepal as agriculture investigator after
graduation at university for three years. At that time, I settled
design of Himalayas mountain climbing and prepared for mountain
climbing. And, for life, I opened Lodge Woodpeckers in Moiwa skiing
area (Niseko) in 1975.

 I repeated expeditions from the late 1970s to Pakistan, the
Himalayas and China. I acted as Captain in mountain-climbing party of
Chamlang peak (7,380m above sea level) in the Himalayas of Nepalese
side in 1986. By mountain climbing of Aconcagua peak (Argentina, 6,980m
above sea level) of Miura Yuichiro, I of support corps acted as Captain

 And it was opportunity to have met founder Yvon Chouinard of
Patagonia company at the mid-1980s, and I began sea kayaking. I ran the
whole course of Shakotan, Shiretoko, Chishima, Aleutian, South American
Beagle Channel and Horn cape by sea kayaking. I do work (sea kayaking
guide) of the sea in summer and do work of mountain in winter. Such a
life pattern began.

 In Shiretoko, I put argument on many people over regulation of
open-air fire at the shore, and I did experience to maintain
appropriate method and manner of open-air fire. In Shiretoko, person
dies without open-air fire. We considered how we should do to build a
fire without giving damage to nature. I suggested result of the
examination to administration and affiliate.

 I came to Hirafu since the days of junior high student. It is about
time when lift just started a business. However, I did not use lift. I
enjoyed mountain traversing to reach from top, Goshiki hot spring, Moiwa
Konbu hot spring from 1,000m plateau.

 By the way, I talk about establishment of “Niseko rule” about
snowslide accident. This rule is official rule made in 2001 for
security of people running on the outside of skiing area management
area and all skiing area users. Group engaged in establishment of this
rule is “Niseko An’nupuri district snowslide accident prevention
measures meeting “, “Niseko skiing area security use measures
communication meeting”, “Niseko Free Passport meeting “and preventive
measures against “Shiribeshi district mountains accidents meeting”.

 When ski accident happened in mountain from 25 years ago, I was
called for conduct of search. In backcountry of Niseko at that time,
most snowslide accidents were taking place in Japan. It caused victim
caused by snowslide every year. I thought that I wanted to prevent
accident caused by snowslide somehow. And, based on data, I thought
that I wanted to warn when and where snowslide was at increased risk
for being generated.

 I knew that snowslide was caused by my experience right after
snowstorm was settled in the middle of Snowstorm. It might seem
unexpectedly, but data showed it, too. At first I wanted to convey this
definitely. And I suggested some following matters. Border rope is
provided with some gates, and patrol being placed there. What the
situation of mountain is sent to on the Internet every day. Patrol
reconfirm people leaving outside slope from gate. And of course warn of
Aria whom you must never enter at all by danger. Inform help expense
that you should bear when accident happens by any chance.

 For forecast of snowslide, it is necessary to announce information
of temperature and Wind of the mountaintop precisely. Therefore Niseko
snowslide accident prevention meeting is made, and Niseko snowslide
investigation place is thereby had jurisdiction over. Investigation
place announces weather data and snowslide forecast in Japanese and
English on the Internet every day at the appointed hour.

 However, lift company and administration opposed making rule to go
outside slope at first. This is because it will allow to go outside
slope when it makes rule. Even if there is accident, nobody gets
responsibility. Such an opinion will be proper thought for manager. But
accident continued happening practically. Big charm to go to the world
of Niseko can slip in fresh snow raining steadily freely. I continued
talks with Shiribeshi forest management station that was manager of
national forest.

 Reality that there were people to want to glide in backcountry with
one’s risk at relatively early time was recognized in Hirafu. Because
there was merit in business, it was thought whether means to keep their
security was necessary. We asked tour guides who belonged to
association of Niseko Winter Guide (NWGA) to obey Niseko rule. We
explained to rash youths particularly carefully. Selfish action of only
one causes result to take freedom of all the members. Many people
understood, “there was rule to keep freedom” in this way.

 For ten years, the authorities ratified our way after all. The
result “is current Niseko rule”. It took ten years to come to here. But
I think that the process in itself is our property. We did not obey
instructions of authority and government office, and we made rule
voluntarily and obeyed the rule.

 I think that splendor of Niseko is not yet handed down to person
enough. For foreigner, the splendor still less comes. And, by our wisdom
and effort, I am convinced that Niseko becomes more splendid.

§31. Pioneers. (1)

We repay nature of Niseko from now on
Telemark Ski Assosiation of Japan’s honorary chairman, YUKIYAMA SANSO

 I was born in Iwanai in 1948. My father was teacher. Because father
became the principal of Soga Elementary School (Niseko), our family
moved to Niseko.

 We think that I am skier by nature. Because there was always ski in
everyday living. When I was primary schoolchild, means of
transportation of the winter season of about a half year was ski.
Therefore, even to neighboring house, we wore ski. Mail carrier sent
mail in ski, too. On the other hand, skiing was play. Father was crazy
about ski. When I gained physical strength, father took me to
backcountry skiing with father.

 Father was player of cross-country skiing before the war. Father
wrote several manuals after the war. From the considerable past of 1961
when lift was established, skiing was carried out flourishingly in
Niseko. Not to mention from Hokkaido, many people came to ski from
district except Hokkaido. They were people who really liked nature and
ski of Niseko.

 Lift started a business 50 years ago, and slope came to be
maintained. Large-scale tournaments such as all-Japan championship or
National Athletic Meet were held, and visitors who came to skiing area
triggered by it increased. But it became limited to slope that we could
do it with ski when lift was installed, and slope came to be
maintained. Skier with technique was able to ski freely in old days
wherever of mountain. However, it has been regulated that any skier
went outside slope. For skier with technique, this regulation is

 However, it is dangerous that person without technique of ski goes
out to backcountry. In fact, after the 1980s, some accidents occurred
in backcountry. There was thereby time when ski in backcountry was
strongly regulated. Volunteer concerned about skiing not being possible
in backcountry made “Niseko rule”. Both sides of people who wanted to
regulate ski in backcountry to get rid of accident and skier who wanted
to glide in backcountry without regulation groped for with cooperation,
and, as a result, “Niseko rule” was devised. I think that we can enjoy
skiing safely in backcountry by following “Niseko rule”. I think that
activity in essentially free backcountry should revive by following
this rule.

 I opened “Yukiyama Sanso” in Hirafu in 1976 and did business for
approximately 15 years. I looked for free, mobile ski to play with
visitors in slope and wilderness without lift in spring. And I tried
telemark ski which nobody did in those days. I read manual of telemark
ski which father left and mastered telemark ski by self-education. As
you know, telemark ski is technique of skiing that developed in the
Norwegian Telemark district. Telemark ski differentiated in Alpen ski
and cross-country skiing later. Telemark ski is ski which is most
suitable for means of transportation in the mountains which can perform
“climbing, walk, run” easily. Friends who did telemark skiing gradually
increased, and they spread telemark skiing in various parts of Japan.

 By the way, cross-country skiing is very effective to guide visitor
in nature of Niseko. Because snow is firm, and there is much good
weather, the early spring is most suitable. Because you came to Niseko
with much effort, you should enjoy nature except slope. I think that it
should become common to be accompanied by guide who knows the field
well when visitor is in nature to enjoy nature more. I want more people
to know value and role of guide. I intend to bring up such a culture

 Niseko is not so very large, but nature in the Aria is very
various. There are Mt. Yotei, Shiribetsu river, Niseko An’nupuri and
the Sea of Japan. As for me, both body and heart were brought up in
climate of Niseko. In this land, I did many fun, splendid experiences.
And I want to share such time with many people in future.

 At opportunity of the 50th anniversary of the Hirafu skiing area
opening of business, we think something to repay to nature which gave
splendid time to me so far. When we think like that, nature and our
relations will change.

Hirafu makes people happy.
Guesthouse ISLAND Ishikawa Yoshiyuki Kazuko

(we heard story from Kazuko)


 We two were staffs of farm co-op of Kamishihoro( Hokkaido). We
married, and it was past one year, and I have got sick. While child
care was not possible, and I sent life as it was said that we could buy
thing which we wanted to buy to some extent, I held sense of impending
crisis when “in this situation I might not grow up as adult”. I
thought, “I did not come through more hardships”. At such time, my
father died. I had effect of father whom person loved, and I came to
think that I wanted a job that I could meet various people.

 I intended to open coffee shop first. But very good article was not
found. However, in model house where we dropped in at by chance, we have
done fatal encounter.

 Branch manager who could not come in model house always came to
model house by chance on that day. He watched us and seemed to think,
“it was some interesting visitor”. We found a kindred spirit in branch
manager and talked in various ways. As a result, plan to run lodging in
Niseko was completed. It was May, 1990.

 We obtained land in only one month. Not to mention layout and the
appearance, we decided to color of curtain by the end of December. We
had summons from house maker in January, 1991 that we were restless a
little and greeted suddenly. Person of house maker told us, “this plan
might be called off”.

 Because branch manager of charge had left company by circumstances
not to understand to us, realization of dream has made a fresh start.
But we did not give up realization of dream for it. We managed to reach
the opening of business in December, 1991 after all. When we looked
back and thought, this “case” tried whether we were serious.

 It was not said that I loved ski, but, since tenth grader, skied by
own way. But opportunities when I skied with visitor increased since I
came here. We felt once when “in this situation I let the ski life of
visitor be out of order”, and I practiced hard. I did my best and took
the first grade official approval of ski.

 There are splendid mountain and river in Niseko; and there immediate
in the Sea of Japan. It is Wonderland of a lot of nature. Above all,
this location to run on towards Mt. Yotei is my favorite scenery.

 20 years passed since that, and visitors from foreign country
suddenly increased including Australia. All too soon of the situation
such as “here foreign country” these days. Thanks to you, English
becomes able to talk and enjoys the very exciting life.

 I think visitor to be the best treasure coming up in the life of we
two. Of course rate has for value of service, but at first wants to meet
visitor as one human being like family. Thanks to you, we have had big

 I think that Hirafu is place making person happy. Gift of overall power local as for it.

 We say work called guesthouse, or, for us whom person loves, way of
life is not stopped anymore. It is our best property, and smile of
people and visitor whom we met still lives all the time here.