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I want to take good care of children.
Hütte MORGENROT Fujii Toshihiro


 Morgenrot started a business in 1981. About 1981 is time of the
daybreak of lodging street of Hirafu. Morgenrot is meaning called the
morning glow in German. Because I devoted the youth to mountain
climbing, as for me, I added words in conjunction with mountain to
Hütte. It is not Guesthouse Morgenrot and is not Lodge Morgenrot
and “is Hütte (in German mountain hut) Morgenrot”.

 My birth is Setana( Hokkaido). Because father who was member of
post office taught skiing in mountain near house, we loved ski since
the days of child. By policy of father to want to let you develop
independent spirit from junior high school, I lodged at house of aunt
of Aomori alone. Lift has been already installed in Moya skiing area in

 At the age of tenth grader, I came to Hirafu for the first time.
Niseko Kogen lift was just completed. I remember that Hirafu Station
overflowed with person. Because buses from station to skiing area had
too many passengers and were not able to get, I went on foot to skiing

 Niseko was favorite land all the time from those days. I married in
1972 when the Sapporo Olympics were held. Of course destination of
honeymoon was Niseko.

 For school days, I was crazy about mountain climbing. I belonged to
mountaineering club called Keirei-kai and spent all our time river
trekking in Iide mountain ranges (Fukushima, Niigata, Yamagata). It was
mountain that I met wife. In addition, I freeloaded at mountain hut
called Javelle of Kirigamine( Nagano). It was loved to date at popular
hotel which spread out from the 1950s by eminent people of mountain
climbing world. Three rocking chairs were put on terrace of the second
floor that could view gentle Kirigamine Heights from a distance, and
good visitor of article puffed at pipe leisurely. I want to run
mountain hut sometime, too. It became my young dream.

 However, because I could not have hut suddenly, at first I found a
job in the fiber industry. We were transferred to Sapporo at last. And,
triggered by that I might not agree to policy of company, I resigned
from company and moved to favorite Hirafu. I was 35 years old that
assumed living of family.

 I visited financial institution daily to raise building fund, but
took more than one year before I borrowed money. Anyway it was said that
management of lodging was impossible in those days in Niseko.

 Existence of school where child goes to is very important to person
who moved from other place. School has role that links area to parent as
well as role for children. Acquaintance between adults through child
and teacher is important.

 Inhabitants of Hirafu can choose either of principal school of
elementary school in city of Kutchan or local branch school in
attending school of child. There was movement to abolish branch school
at one time, but town assembly and administration drew our will to want
to let children go to history and naturally comfortable Kabayama branch
school, and branch school was retained.

 When local vitality is lost, school cannot continue. On the other hand, we can enhance local vitality again through school.

 I reduced guest room and established picture book cafe recently. It
is motive not to have worked for age as in the past and that me thought
that I want to make children, place to stay of children who
particularly come from foreign country coming to Hirafu. Because
picture book can be beyond the language barrier.

 I want mother and children to spend comfortable time relaxedly here
even if I do not ski. Now that children became independent, it is wife
and two and, like thought for school, wants to do this place in place to
help in the slightly local future.

I began Dormitory at last arrival point of trip.
NISEKO YUBOKUMIN Yoshikawa Kunihori


 Start of Yubokumin is 1987. It was hotel in forest, but this
neighborhood has just become town in those days. 24 years already pass,

 Why is there me from Fukuoka in Hirafu? I may talk about it as story
that youth of trip enthusiast arrives at last arrival point of trip,
and it completely became adult.

 I still carry backpack on my back every year and walk Asia. Anyway,
I took a trip to many places since I was young. It is before more than
30 years that I came to Hokkaido first; I in the days of university
student. I was impressed by splendor of Niseko and Hokkaido and
continued trip to Hokkaido afterwards. I found a job in major maker
after graduation from university and hope of assignment went and became
Sapporo duty.

 I resigned from the maker at 25 years old and traveled in foreign
countries such as India. I did not think that English that I learned on
trip helped work at this time. I married at 28 years old. I got to know
wife in youth hostel in the eastern part of Hokkaido. Company work
might be unreasonable for me in various ways. I resigned from company
and obtained this land by transfer from the president of affiliates and
began dormitory here. I was 30 years old at that time.

 Hirafu continues having free temperament to accept various youths
from old days. In the 1970s and the 1980s, various youths came to
Hirafu from all over Japan. At first backpackers came, and youths who
did trip on motorcycle next came. Some the youths made money by live-in
work of processing of salmon in autumn and made money by work of skiing
area of Hirafu when it was in winter. Because rent was unnecessary, as
for both work, money considerably accumulated. On holiday, they fully
enjoyed skiing.

 Such Japanese youths became less than old days. But foreigner comes
over now instead. Therefore after all Hirafu is interesting.

 When I began Yubokumin, I thought that ski visitor would not come
because ski was not good. Therefore we had person who was good at
skiing teach very much. It was beginner all the time till then. Ski
became interesting suddenly when we became able to glide at slope of
powder snow. The whole family including two brothers got absorbed in

 I wanted sons to bring up really at ease. Therefore all two of
them entered first-class mogul team. Motivation was in particular high
in second son (Yoshikawa Sora) from beginning. He becomes university
student and comes to position for the next Winter Olympics (2014)
participation now.

 For people who still continue lodging for the first time in the
1980s, they love Niseko. Besides, children are born here, and there are
many people who brought them up. It was the 21st century, and land
prices rose suddenly, and we received offer to sell land. We remember
the times when sons went to local elementary school (Kutchan Nishi
Elementary School Kabayama branch school) well all the time. And we who
had attachment toward this land answered that this land was not sold
without hesitation. In people who have sold land, I think that there
was person that connection with this area is not deep.

 Even if charm of Hirafu is called anything, it is snowy with
mountain. A lot of regular customers from the home of ski of Honshu
including Nagano and Niigata come to house, too. When “it was the first
time that we skied on so splendid snow”, even they were impressed.
Person who is good at skiing comes to Hirafu for splendid snow
repeatedly. The Nagano Olympics (1998) were a chance, and ski visitors
from foreign country increased for my impression. Many foreigners met
winter in Japan at that time, and a large number of foreign skiers came
to Hirafu. They were impressed by splendid snow of Hirafu in the same
way and spread reputation of Hirafu by word of mouth. For several years
mainly on 2000, skiers from foreign country increased by 2 times force
in the last year.

 But, in the days of beginning, good foreign skier skied only in
backcountry that was heaven of powder snow not slope. Ski in
backcountry is at great risk of accident. However, the ski history of
Niseko begins by ski in backcountry. Therefore it is not good thing to
merely limit ski in backcountry strictly. After trial and error of
several years, current Niseko rule about backcountry skiing was
enacted. In late years there are a lot of foreign skiers who are good
on slope. Guests from Asia trying ski for the first time in life

 I think that anyone longs for snow. I think that local person whom
it does not snow has an admiration in snow all the more. I have them
experience snow splendidly in Hirafu and want them to become repeater. I
think that new idea of that purpose is pursued in Hirafu.