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I want to delight visitor in favorite thing.
Guesthouse FULL NOTE Shimatani Shoichi


 Opening of Full Note is 1982. Age that Higashiyama Prince Hotel( existing Niseko Village) just opened.

 I was born in Okinoshima of Shimane. I skied at the age of junior
high student for the first time in Daisen of Tottori and thereafter came
to love ski.

 I sent college life in Tokyo. We were crazy about ski and went in
Togari( Nagano) at that time. In addition, I came to love jazz, too and
got absorbed in performance of drum.

 I worked for major insurance company in Tokyo when I graduated from
university. In winter of that time, I went in Manza( Gunma) or Naeba(
Niigata) and skied earnestly. In 1972 when the Sapporo Olympics were
held, I visited Hirafu for the first time. I was surprised that skiing
area was large. Then here became my longed-for ground. Therefore
destination of honeymoon is Hirafu. I requested that I wanted to be
transferred to Sapporo every year in company. The wish finally came
true in 1980.

 I did not want to return to Tokyo anymore as I realized ski, golf
and tennis, fishing and good Hokkaido. I want to live somehow in
Hokkaido. And I wanted to live in Hirafu. At first I observed
Guesthouse close to An’nupuri skiing area. I made up my mind to become
owner of Guesthouse. I collected funds somehow and managed to reach the
opening of business at this place of Hirafu in 1982.

 Visitor comes for the purpose of ski in winter. However, there was
not purpose in summer. Therefore I intended to make tennis and jazz
characteristic of this Guesthouse. I thought that I was really happy
when I had visitor please with tennis and jazz which I loved. There
was, and six tennis courts formed four under gondola myself in those
days (now five in total). And I made studio for jazz, and exercise of
band was possible. Studio developed into shop “HALF NOTE” of live jazz

 Family of younger brother moved from Tokyo in the 1990s and began
Guestshouse(WOODY NOTE) as well as me. Parents live here now, too. I and
younger brother played a key role and built log house for parents.

 In that way it was the 21st century, and a lot of Australians came
to come over. I became fun remarkably again from there. Land service is
gradually filled up, too, and such a flow has already lasted ten years.
Foreigner has many people who can play the musical instrument and does
session with them at night. There is table tennis stand in studio, and
table tennis is possible, too. There is not really person who defeats
me in table tennis. I have already followed invincible myth with
foreigner all the time.

Cultural shock of day when I was young became personality of my Guesthouse.
Guesthouse GRAND PAPA Nigawara Kazuhiro


 The opening of business of Grand Papa is 1985. It is opening of extremely early time in Hirafu.

 For my school days, it was still the 1970s with embers of student
movement. I took a trip to many places at that time. When I traveled in
Europe, I had an unforgettable experience in Bed & Breakfast in
Germany. Germany and Italy, people around ten of various nationality
including the U.K. had breakfast at big table together. They talked
naturally and shared comfortable time. Most of them were appearance
like office worker. I was member of totally impossible scene in Japan.
And I thought, “this scene was good”. I graduated from university
before long and became office worker and married soon. However, scene
at that time was left in my heart all the time.

 I noticed that work to do in families was suitable for me than I worked for company. Therefore I decided to open guesthouse.

 Because I was born in Sapporo, I came to Hirafu since the days of
child many times. I watched resort some of Honshu, but there was not
land to boast of splendid nature of the snow and quantity of
overwhelming snow to like Hirafu elsewhere. Therefore I decided to open
guesthouse in Hirafu. The reason why I decided the present place in
construction place is that I liked that I see Mount Yotei very well.
There was not one building in the lower part in those days from here.
In fact, this land was already sold when I found this land. However, I
negotiated with feeling such as bet because I wanted to build
guesthouse here. As a result, I bought this land at last. Then, for 26
years, bet would be success.

 Grand Papa started as Bed & Breakfast and began restaurant of
cheese fondue afterwards. As you know, for these around ten years,
visitors of foreigner including Australia increased very much. When
visitor goes for dish because breakfast is buffet-style, there is
opportunity when visitors talk naturally. That scene which I longed for
on young day is developed every day here.

 Generally speaking, as for the facilities, hotel and condominium
are superior to Guesthouse. However, on the other hand, we can create
visitor and us, close communication between visitors in Guesthouse. And
the close communication becomes personality of Guesthouse. It is the
hostess to hold the key to service of Guesthouse. Therefore I do not
appear on many fronts and support so that wife can enjoy enough. If
wife is happy, whole family becomes smile.

 At hotel in area with many visitors coming from foreign country
like current Hirafu, service or facilities of West standard will be
important. But it is Japan here and is not Europe. Therefore I think
that I should offer service and facilities based on Japanese culture.
However, this area with culture unlike Kyoto and Edo does not look good
even if we take in only form of culture of Kyoto and Edo. I think that
I want visitor to feel Japanese culture in meaning deep more widely
including how to contact people and appearance of dining table.

 My son just became the same age when I took a trip to Europe.
Probably because of influence of my experience, he learned in Germany.
He succeeds this Guesthouse. As as parent and senior, we expect very
much in Hirafu which new generation makes from now on.

We were busy and did not have time to ski

 Let’s tell about story of people who ran hotel and lodging at the skiing area outskirts in the series. It is Fukui Minoru first to appear. As for him, it is run “NISEKO PARK HOTEL”.

 NISEKO PARK HOTEL started a business in 1977.
Father runs hotel (FUKUI hotel) in front of Kutchan Station and will
send branch to HIRAFU. “I was born and raised in Kutchan”. Therefore I
loved ski. When I entered university in Tokyo, we became crazy about
Demo Ski. We went to popular skiing area of Honshu of Shiga Kogen
(Nagano) or Hakuba-mura (Nagano) well. Those experience helped
management of hotel later.

 Hotel was only around ten in total in those days. We thought that I
could do skiing every day at time without work before the opening of
business. Because I loved ski. But it is more than skiiing when we
really begin business. While visitor stayed, we did not get discouraged
all day. We stayed at office during season. We were eager every day.
Such a thing is evaluated by visitor and thinks that we were able to
increase regular customers.

 We were blessed with passage of times. Ski tour from Honshu was
extreme popularity, and management developed from the latter half of
the 1970s. Hotel repeated the enlargement. It was just the really good
times until the beginning of the 1990s if we thought. For busy season
of the year-end and New Year holidays and consecutive holidays, hotel
became fully occupied by reservation before season start. A lot of
families from Sapporo stayed during period for winter vacation of
school. Family who was not able to reserve hotel during the period
stayed from the end of January.

 Most of the high season was no vacancies every day. Therefore I was
already dead tired when breakfast was over. We clean all the buildings
when we take a rest a little. We begin preparation for supper next.
When supper is over, you must prepare midnight snack immediately.
Therefore we were exhausted, and nothing wanted to assume that season
was over for a while.

 The 1990s began, and bubble economy was over, and great earthquake
disaster of Hanshin Awaji occurred, and stalls of Japanese economy
represented by failure of Hokkaido Takushoku Bank continued. Under the
influence of them, prosperity that began in the 1980s has been over.

 When the 2000s began, overseas visitors including Australia which
came to HIRAFU increased rapidly. The history of HIRAFU has begun to
change again. Treasure of HIRAFU is splendid snow and mountain even if
we say anything. We give wisdom and must repeat effort in future to
keep these treasure alive for a long time.