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§22. Birth of ALPEN lift. (1)

were KOGEN lift and ALPEN lift which two companies where management
became independent each in HIRAFU until season of 2003 operated (we
integrate with GRAND HIRAFU from season in 2004). It was NISEKO KOGEN
KANKO Co., Ltd. to have built the first lift in December, 1961. It was
Saint Moritz Lift Co., Ltd. to have installed ALPEN lift in 1965. Both
companies will be known for rival relations afterwards. However,
process of the Saint Moritz Lift establishment Co., Ltd. is not talked
about very much now. Based on note of Nagae Katsuro which was the
person concerned and interview to the person himself, we will arrange
historical fact.

 Nagae was born in Hobetsu-mura, Yuufutsu-gun, Hokkaido for 1,925
years. Via Kutchan instruction trust farm co-ops, it was the first
person of employee who entered from hometown NISEKO KOGEN KANKO Co.,

 DAISETSUKAKU Co., Ltd. of local company applied for permission to
install lift in the whole area called ALPEN course now in spring of
1965. There is slope that became course of the 40th all-Japan ski
championship ALPEN competition in March, 1962.

 Forerunner of DAISETSUKAKU “is flop house Daimaru Hut” which we
opened in (lift first season) in March, 1962. Manager of hut was Ando
Kogyo of Kucchancho. NISEKO KOGEN KANKO Co., Ltd. was not going to
perform accommodation business at first. “Daimaru Hut” was made as a
result that Teraoka Shiro which had will toward community improvement
with ski while we ran dental clinic advised Ando about entry to
accommodation business. In the next season, “DAISETSUKAKU” which is
real ski hotel is born (manager is replaced in the 1980s, and current
name is Hotel Scot).

 NISEKO KOGEN KANKO Co., Ltd. examined lift expansion program as
future vision. However, we just still finished 4 seasons after the
establishment of a business at that point, and at last management was
going to begin to get on track. However, we cannot merely overlook lift
setting application of DAISETSUKAKU. When “our company wanted to do
setting application of lift by all means”, we gave circulating the
draft for sanction to Takenaka Osamu, president of Nitto merchant ship
company which was parent company. However, answer of the president “was
No”. For management of skiing area that was not favorable start,
investment was judgment not to be possible.

 Nagae Katuro talked with Teraoka Shiro. “We want Teraoka to build
lift”. Teraoka decided entry to lift after mature deliberation. Company
which operated lift did with Saint Moritz Lift Co., Ltd. which assumed
Niseko Lift Service which ran Kucchancho Asahigaoka skiing area Co.,
Ltd. forerunner. There were discussion of the person concerned and town
mayor of Takahashi Seikichi and the Sakai town assembly chairperson,
the consent of Ando Kogyo, and Saint Moritz Lift Co., Ltd. acquired
setting permission of lift.

 However, Saint Moritz Lift Co., Ltd. hardly had the actual situation
including talented person. Nagae Katsuro will deal with setup of new
lift company as being on the register roll in NISEKO KOGEN KANKO Co.,

§21. Beginning of lodging (3)

 Let’s continue topic of early Guest House.

 The establishment of a business of “Lodge Korpokkur” was 1961 same
as the lift opening of business (we move to the present location in
1973). There is lawn ground, and camp of soccer and rugby is possible
in the summer, too. Okada Mitsuyoshi of the founder feels nostalgic for
those days. Because “field was not large, father did work of felling of
tree in mountain in the winter season”. It was not necessary to work
outdoors for the winter season after lift was done. However, we seemed
to be puzzled because we were not used to Guest House management.

 Eiko of wife repeated special training to begin Guest House and
took cook license. Of course potato and milk, rice, vegetables to use
for dish are homemade. We would open Guest House suddenly and were
serious from preparations. We rebuilt main house in guest room and
rebuilt barn in our living room. We thought that we wanted visitor to
eat local delicious thing. 」

 Humiyoshi of son of current manager was still child, but went to
station to meet visitor in horse sleigh when train which we picked up
skier on arrived at HIRAFU Station.


 Okada Tomio opened “GINREISO” in 1968. The National Athletic Meet
would be held in Kutchan in the winter season in 1970 and there was
request from Kucchancho and started a business. Current master Okada
Tomonobu says. “Accommodation business was the totally first thing for
parents”. Therefore, at time without field work between summer, father
and mother went to hot spring resort and studied service. 」

 When we opened hotel, there was not much number of hotel guests. Ski
tour from Honshu became extreme popularity before long, and hotel
became prosperous. “GINREISO” was 11 rooms at the time of the opening of
business, but is 54 well-established ski hotels now.


 It was 1968 that Sakai Masayuki opened “SAKAE hotel”. Sakai
discontinues “SAKAE hotel” in 2007 and runs “bar SAKAE” now. Sakai came
over as cook of DAISETSUKAKU from YUNOKAWA of Hakodate in 1965.

 Sakai says. “Visitor came to HIRAFU at the time of the opening of
business in winter”. “We made group called HIRAFU skiing area promotion
society with lift and the person concerned of the accommodations and
talked about measures of the summer”. We went to other resorts for
inspection and established tennis court. Visitor of ski tour came to
come from the end of the 1970s, and visitors suddenly increased. 」

 Because there was experience of professional cook, Sakai gathered
proprietresses of Guest House and taught dish. This is because he
thought that all hotels of HIRAFU have to make an effort to raise charm


?Upper figure is neighboring maps of time of two years later from NISEKO
KOGEN lift establishment. (this figure was made with reference to map
printed on handkerchief distributed in Yamada Onsen in those days.) We
can read Nohda, Oda, Urano( existing HAKUUNSO), the name of Okada from