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§20. Beginning of lodging (2)

period of HIRAFU ski lift establishment, the accommodations were Guest
house by farmer of the neighborhood of ski slope. Mostly farmers kept
1-2 cows. Therefore fresh milk was treated hotel guest to every morning
and was pleased very much. Egg which hen which we kept in garden laid
and potato harvested near were served. We were able to say service that
farming family served homemade milk and farm output product with the
original form of today’s farm restaurant.

 Mr.Masanobu Oda of “Oda Guest house” which was first one of seven
says. “Supper and one stay rate with breakfast are 500 yen”. It is not
thought now, but is all sharing a room. Mrs.Kimie of wife says. It “was
not only milk and potato to have contributed to visitor”. “I caught a
lot of chars in autumn and cooked candied fish”. In addition, we made
wild plants salt pickles. For “people who came from snowy few areas, we
made Kamakura(Japanese snow Igloo) in garden and have done BBQ in
that”. They were pleased very much. When “we were used to get up early
in the morning, but it was hard not to be slept into the night”, Kimie
looks back. Oda Guest house finished business in 1978 partly because
Masanobu harmed physical condition.

 A certain popular hotel “Hakuunsou” is start from Guest house of
the early days near Kogen course. Noted product of this hotel is milk
bath. This was idea that was born because they kept cow at the time of
the establishment of a business. Mrs.Taeko Urano runs this hotel now.
She was ever ski visitor who came to Hirafu many times.

 Mrs.Taeko became ski lover so as to come to go to Europe and
Canadian skiing area. And the ski enthusiast made wedding by
relationship in Hakuunsou for 1,975 years. “Hirafu had only lift and the
accommodations in those days”. Therefore we began coffee shop and
restaurant. 」

 ”We want to revolutionize Hirafu more attractively”! Urano family
thought. Therefore, for example, they made tennis court for visitor of
the summer. They paid more attention to the whole area and widened


§19. Beginning of lodging (1)

 NISEKO Kogen Hirafu skiing area (in March, 1962 in existing NISEKO
Grand HIRAFU), the 40th all-Japan ski championship Alpen competition was
held.) For the competition, guest houses seven started a business.

 It was farmhouse which was near to all skiing area to have opened
guest houses and depended on the advice of Kucchancho. Aim of town was
that we diffused skiing that was new industry of expectation and to
support the local farming that was not endowed with soil condition a
little. There is not the concrete furtherance, and seven houses
organize guest house association in budget, though, to borrow money
from financial institution. It was Mataji Nouda that the association
played a key role.

 We talk about Mr.Tadashi Nouda running “lodging Nouda” in sons of
Mataji Nouda now. “We began guest house in house which father built in
1932″. There were six rooms in big things and small things. Visitor
came to stay from the Self-Defense Forces of Kutchan since before lift
was installed and skied. 」


 Father) of Mataji Nouda(Mr.Tadashi Nouda did work of felling of
tree for ski course creation. We cut down big tree with two or three
people in winter of (1960) in the last year of lift opening and carried
them on a horse to the foot of a mountain. Mr.Tadashi Nouda
participated in fire prevention line (for forest fire) setting of
skiing area. Steller’s sea lion pine wood around the foot of skiing
area was made as fire prevention flight.

 Mr.Tadayuki Nouda which is son of Mr.Tadashi Nouda runs current
lodging Noda. Because Yasuko of wife of Tadayuki can speak English,
foreign visitor is got close to as hotel which is full of international
atmosphere featuring arrival, scene of field.