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 It was about 1892 that full-scale reclamation of place that became current Kutchan city began. Prior to it, people of Tokushima have already started reclamation of Yoichi riverside from 1879.

 We cut down big tree, and the cleaning began in place to cut bamboo grass which was beyond height. When the ground finally appeared, we built Thatched-roof bamboo hut. And at first seeds such as potato and bean, foxtail millet, corn, pumpkin were sowed in a little land. Soba or Japanese radish were planted soon, too.


 Following people of Tokushima who cut open farmland in severe nature, people emigrate from each place of Japan; Kutchan as village took shape. Kutchan village town office is set up independently in 1896 by Abuta village.

 The following episode is conveyed. Then house was plain bamboo grass hut. When heavy snowfall falls, hut is buried among snow immediately. When man comes home in the evening, his hut is not found because of the snow. Therefore he called his wife in loud voice. His wife who heard the voice raised tree which burnt at entrance of hut and told about position of hut.